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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wakulla Book Review: The Last Detail, by Lisa Lickel

A missionary from the Mideastern Nehrangesi people, Merit Campbell, is seriously injured in a skirmish and sent home to Illinois to heal. But does he really serve so far away from home for other reasons? After the death of his mother, father, and oldest brother, Merit has developed a fear of abandonment that keeps him from really being close to anyone.

Then there’s Amalia Kennedy, Superwoman to all in need. She owns a shop called The Last Detail. She handles, plans, and arranges end of life essentials, handles the other tedious things of life that causes others much stress and heartache, and she’s really good at it. But underneath it all, Amalia is suffering from loneliness and fear of commitment.

In this book the two fall in love and struggle to overcome their deep life controlling issues while learning to depend on each other. Also to communicate and share their lives with each other.

Love has to be two people committed to sharing everything, even past hurts, present fears, and future anxieties. Communication and full disclosure of oneself is what will build a binding relationship.

Theme: The struggle two Christians needlessly endure when they don’t confess all to each other. How people hide behind God and allow life controlling issues to destroy their love and their life.

I loved the struggle with Hudson over whether one had to go overseas to support foreigners when there is need in our country, our own city.

I also love the way the author got into the character’s feelings about the issue. I think Mrs. Lickel stands firm in God sends His people to where he needs and wants them, whether it’s overseas or out the front door.

Merit had to learn to do God’s work wherever God placed him.

This book is a really great read, the story comes alive as one sees their own struggle in the plot. Too many people refuse to communicate what’s really going on in their lives, allowing fears, anxieties and misunderstandings to ruin their relationships.

But just as Mrs. Lickel’s characters overcame through love, Christ, family and friends, so can we all. This book is awesome!

Wakulla Book Review
Review by Booker T. 


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