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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Launch ~ Tue. April 5th ~ What Every Dream Means

I wanted to announce my upcoming book launch taking place on Tue. April 5th (that's one week from now approx.) for those of you who would like to participate. The goal of the launch is to reach the Amazon Best Seller List and partners are the key! Please email me if you are interested:
A Big Thank You to those of you who have committed to the launch and will be posting, blogging, emailing, interviewing etc. etc. Your support is priceless! The Landing Page will be live soon and all partners will be listed on a separate page with links to web sites and blogs. For those giving Bonus Gifts descriptions of you and your Bonus Gift will be listed on the Landing Page itself. Also, please pray if you are so inclined. I am concentrated on praying for the success of the partners as well as the whole campaign itself with all the final details and preparation to come together this week (including all technology issues). Anyway as we get closer to launch time I will communicate more with you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Launch of Roman Carnival by Serafin Gascoigne

Today I would like to introduce a fascinating author who writes books for young adults. Meet Serafin Gascoigne as he talks about his life and the launch of his new book, TODAY -- ROMAN CARNIVAL.
To order and get a free evaluation of your web site by a certified consultant, go to

Question by Lorilyn Roberts: I recently listened to an interview by you where you talked about your varied background which helps you to create memorable stories for Young Adults. Can you share some of that with us today?

Answer: I have been a professional musician, an army medic, an intelligence analyst, teacher and computer training consultant on three continents, and finally a pastor/priest here in the U.S.

I worked for British Intelligence in Berlin during the Cold War. This gave me exposure to the Russian language and Christians who had taken refuge in the West, but who nonetheless went through very difficult times when the Soviet army took Berlin. Their stories, in many instances miraculous, set the scene for my future writing. When Russia became open once more, I traveled to Siberia and other places in Russia.

Later I taught in an inner-city school where seventy percent of the students were from the West Indies. I lived in Ladbroke Square, the location of ROMAN CARNIVAL, a few doors away from the Home Secretary and the film star, Kenneth Moore, and John Cleese of Monty Python fame. I used to see them shopping from time to time.

Question by Lorilyn: I am always interested in whether fiction authors write by "the seat of their pants" or if they outline and develop the plot and then write. How do you come up with your fascinating story lines?

Answer: I develop my characters first and then find a story for them. I usually work out a draft outline which I never stick to! The stories seem to write themselves. I enjoy researching background, looking for unusual details. Did you know that the Romans worshipped the wrong god or that Nero did not play the fiddle (or mandolin) while Rome was burning?

I found some interesting menus such as dormice dipped in honey. Lots of facts that I hope will capture the interest of young readers.

Question by Lorilyn Roberts: Which leads to my next question: Tell us a little bit about your new novel ROMAN CARNIVAL.

Answer: The discovery of an ancient Temple of Mithras causes great excitement among the residents of Ladbroke Square, London. At the suggestion of the curator of the British Museum, the residents decide to hold a Roman Carnival, complete with fancy dress, refreshments, tours and speeches. However, unknown to the large crowd gathered for the Carnival, there are “ravens,” Roman assassins from 65 AD.

Intent on invading 20th century London, the Romans, members of the cult of Mithras, are thwarted in their attempt by two school boys, Anthony Archer and Hector Carter. As the drama unfolds, Hector is mistaken for a runaway boy soldier, while Anthony is thought to be Artemius, a high-ranking member of the cult of Mithras.

Mistaken identity or not, these boys begin to play a vital role in defeating the cosmic forces that have entered their time and reality through the Temple of Mithras. A mysterious figure, the watcher Nikomedes, confirms that this is their destiny; it is part of their ancestral breath. Only Anthony and Hector are capable of sealing the conduit between past and present. How are they to do this? Nikomedes says that they will know what to do when the time comes.

Unlikely heroes in a battle with cosmic evil, the boys work as a duo, displaying common sense and courage in the face of many unexpected dangers. Their only weapons against this invasion are their simplicity, honesty, and their ancestral link to the past. Hector's good and easy-going nature, loyalty to a friend, and courage play an important role in the drama. Anthony is not particularly courageous but together with Hector, he shines as a natural leader in times of danger.

This is a fast-paced historical/fantasy, combining Cockney humor and suspense.

Question by Lorilyn Roberts: With your background you could write for any genera. Why did you choose to write Young Adult books?

Answer: I enjoy reading children’s literature and simply enjoy writing for young readers. I believe that it is important to communicate Christian values through fantasy and for teens through the supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit. ROMAN CARNIVAL is written for a secular audience but the underlying theme is Christian.

I am concerned that many authors of fantasy dwell on masochistic, sadistic, and psychotic role models. Roman Carnival is no moralistic tale, but a scary, fast-paced, time-shift adventure. It's not for the timid.

The underlying metaphysic is that we inherit not only the physical characteristics of our parents, but a part of their spirit too. This is a surprise element in the story.

Thank you, Serafim Gascoigne, for sharing with us your passion for writing for Young Adults. I can’t wait to get a copy of ROMAN CARNIVAL for my 12-year-old daughter who loves Christian fantasy.

Be sure to order ROMAN CARNIVAL on Tuesday, March 22, from at the link:


Friday, March 18, 2011


Hi, Everybody,

Just a quick reminder if you have a service in the following areas that you provide, we would like to post a blurb about it on the new
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Miss This Exciting New Book, The Road to Deer Run, by Elaine Cooper

by Award-winning Author Elaine Cooper

The year is 1777 and the colonies of America are at war with England. In the midst of this fierce and painful conflict, two enemies—a wounded British soldier and a colonial farmwoman—are brought together through circumstances that challenge their fortitude, their faith and their ability to forgive. In the struggle comes healing and love. But as their destinies become intertwined, so do the forces that oppose them.

Received Honorable Mention in the Romance category at the 2011 Los Angeles Book DIY Festival for titles published in 2010.
Winner of "Best Romantic Excerpt" in the Clash of the Titles contest, Feb 2011.

What Are Reviewers Saying about “The Road to Deer Run”?

“A heartwarming love story, sensitively written and a well-researched bit of American history. The book has a solid faith-based perspective that sets it apart.”
    Jean LemMom, former Editor, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

“A captivating tale of love, honor, redemption, and patriotism….Cooper breathes life into her characters and their world in an entertaining way with generous details and facts.”
    Wanda Ventling, Editor in Chief, Life: Beautiful Magazine

            “With subplots as appealing as the main story, the book is well researched, well written, and well worth the purchase price. Ready for the sequel.”
            — Kirkus Discoveries Reviews

 To read more about The Road to Deer Run, visit, but wait till Tuesday to purchase. We want to help Elaine reach best-seller status on Amazon during her offical book launch!

Author Biography

Elaine Marie Cooper grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in the Midwest with her husband Steve, her three dogs and one huge cat. She has two married sons and triplet grandbabies, who are often referred to (by her) as “the most beautiful grandbabies in the world.” Elaine’s only daughter Bethany passed away in 2003 from a brain tumor.
A retired registered nurse, Elaine has been a magazine freelance writer for many years, and is a regular contributor to a blog on the Midwest called The Barn Door ( and a blog on Christian living called Reflections In Hindsight ( She is also the author of her debut novel called “The Road to Deer Run” and is currently writing the sequel.

Elaine Cooper can be reached on FaceBook

or visit her website at:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazon launch of Stacy Padula's book, When Darkness Tries to Hide

Today marks the release of Stacy Padula’s latest novel, When Darkness Tries to Hide.

As a special promotion, today’s buyers will get free gifts & a chance to win Boston Red Sox tickets, gift certificates, & other prizes for each copy of When Darkness Tries to Hide that they purchase.

For details on the book, launch, and promotions please visit:

Enjoy this interview with Stacy Padula:

Author of When Darkness Tries to Hide and The Right Person

Q: How did you become interested in writing?

A: I wrote my first book when I was in Kindergarten; it was a short story about a puppy. Then my writing just continued…I wrote books all through elementary school and continued beyond. I finished my first draft of When Darkness Tries to Hide when I was 15 years old. I had read a lot of different books while growing up that had been about high school. When I entered high school I was completely shocked by what was going on around me! It was nothing like Sweet Valley High or the Babysitters Club. There was an abundance of backbiting, backstabbing, substance abuse, and kids just being mean to each other. I felt that there needed to be a realistic book series out there for kids to read so that they could be prepared for the social battles of high school. So, I wrote The Right Person, which is the first book in the Montgomery Lake High series. I fell in love with my characters, and the subject matters, so I decided to write a sequel (which is now When Darkness Tries to Hide). I have recently finished the 5th book in the series, and I plan to keep writing as long as I am able to!

Q: What should people know about When Darkness Tries to Hide?

A: The book picks up two months after where The Right Person left off. There is a terrible storm that brings destruction to the town and into the lives of some of the characters. One of the characters, Andy, gets injured and another character, Jason, feels responsible. (Although no one knows at first exactly why Jason feels that way.) The story follows many characters reactions to the accident, and how everyone comes together to help Andy. Jason is the central focus of the story, and the transformation he goes through as a result of feeling responsible for what happened to Andy. The main point of the story is the battle between light and darkness, and how people often do not realize they are living a dark life because everyone around them is living the same way, until a ray of light shines in and breaks through the darkness.

Q: Have any experiences from your own life affected the storyline of the book?

A: I have not written about anything that has happened to me exactly, but everything in the books is based on things I have witnessed teenagers go through, or emotional/social/physical/spiritual battles that I have fought in my life. The books are filled with lessons I have learned from my own experiences, but I have woven those lessons into the completely fictitious world of Montgomery Lake High. It is my hope that teens and pre-teens can learn from these lessons and not go through as much pain as I had to in order to learn them!

Q: What is it like waiting for each book to be published?

A: It is exciting!! My next book, which will be published apart from the series as a novel, is called Montgomery's Masquerade: The Battle for Innocence. It is a prequel to the series that takes place when the main characters were in 7th grade. I just got it back from my editor, who is actually from Pearson Publishing, and I am excited to review her edits and send it along to my publisher, Strategic Book Group. They had read the rough copy earlier this month and accepted it. The whole process has many steps, and a lot of approvals that need to be signed off on. It is excited to see the internal layout of the book. I get to work with my publisher's book designers to bring the book up to the vision that I have for it. This, along with approving the front and back cover designs, is a very exciting part of the process. I always get butterflies in my stomach when I open up the first printed copy of each book. The process can take anywhere from six months to a year, depending on many different circumstances. I enjoy being a part of the process. It is always a learning experience, and I find that very rewarding!

Q: Do you have a "life verse" that you have claimed? If so what is it and why is that verse so meaningful to you?

A: Psalm 84:11 has significant meaning to me. It states that God withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly. This verse is a reminder to me that anything that I pray for and do not receive is not really good for me, and that I only desire it because I have limited understanding of what is best for me. God knows what is best, and as long as I am walking with Him, He will not withhold anything good from me. So whenever God closes a door in my life, I recall Psalm 84:11 and find great comfort and peace within its promise.

Q: Who (or what) is your greatest encourager when you write and why?

A: I have a wonderful support system of family and friends who encourage me in my writing. What encourages me the most, though, is the world of Montgomery Lake High that exists within my mind. It is like God has put this world in my head, and these characters that are so real to me, and I write to express what is within me: a message of faith to reach out to the youth.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like your readers to know about you that would give us even more of a glimpse into your personality and passions?

A: “Passionate” would be the best word to describe me. When I'm into something, I'm into it with my whole heart. I love my life and think God has blessed me with the best friends, best dog, best job, and the best mother in the entire world. Writing is my favorite pastime. I have learned a lot about conquering fear this past year. The ocean moves me. I love North Carolina and feel like a part of my heart is there. I love to learn and figure out how things are connected. I see deeper meaning in everything. I believe love is the answer to life's toughest questions. I have "songs" with the majority of my friends and hope the lyrics always mean something to me. My faith is in Jesus Christ, and I'm in love with Him. I have a strange fetish for football movies. I am an avid skier. I have a lot of hope and believe nothing is impossible with God.

Please visit: for more information on the Montgomery Lake High book series.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Book Review of What Every Dream Means


What Every Dream Means” is not what I expected nor is its’ author Scott M Shafer. What I expected was a dream dictionary with commentary; it is not. I also expected an author who would give biblical interpretations to justify various statements without actually citing a particular verse; this was not the case. Incorporating personal experience, years of study and much prayer the author has put together a biblically based argument for the importance of understanding dreams as well as foundational information to do so.
The author, Scott M. Shafer, speaks at seminars, workshops and retreats as well as hosting private dream interpretation sessions. His website the viewer to the potential of dream interpretation by providing such workshops as: “Dreams and The Professional Community”.
Scott’s journey to understanding dreams began as a young man. In examining the significance of his own dreams he noticed a relationship between his conversations with God and the proliferation of dreams. This gave birth to years of study and as opportunities presented itself the interpretation of the dreams of others. Through experience he learned the importance of listening to the details of the dreamer as well as listening to the Holy Spirit. “What Every Dream Means” incorporates the knowledge of 20 plus years of studying dreams.
“Scott’s intention and purpose is to build knowledge into others in order for them to properly understand and interpret dreams.” (see: About the Author)
Though dreams have been around as long as mankind existed it is not a recognized “ministry” in most Christian churches. In discussing how people receive what he does Scott shared the following with me:
“…As a result they assume that it is New Age or occult based.
I recall a pastor’s wife who came to a dream interpretation table in a bookstore where I was interpreting one evening. After to talking to her she admitted that she could not find answers to her dreams in the church and when she saw the interpretation table at the bookstore she thought or assumed it was New Age but she was desperate to find answers for her dreams. So she came to the table and immediately took the opportunity to share her dreams.
I have another person, probably a well-meaning person; say to me recently that they thought what I did was ‘psychic’. Again I think the reason is that they have never been exposed to who I am and what I do and on the surface they are only familiar with what the New Age has become known for. “
Obviously there is a need for dream interpretation yet as with many areas of ministry the laborers are few. “What Every Dream Means” is a beginning. From the Introduction forward Mr. Shafer walks the reader through the dream process which does not begin with going to bed. There is a biblical basis for dreams and throughout the book there are both Old and New Testament references to corroborate various points.
The book is 159 pages full of much needed information. (Generally speaking; I hate reading the introduction to most books yet I found Scotts’ to be very thought provoking and a necessary read.) Chapter 1- “DREAM RECALL: Remembering Your Dreams”, has subchapters that include: Passivity Can I Really Change This?; “God Speaks in Dreams”: “The Night Season: Sleep Preparation”; and “Improving Memory”. Though chapter one could be a book by itself there are eleven subsequent chapters each building upon the other.
In preparation for dreaming Scott teaches the reader the importance of exercising his or her “memory muscle” by memorizing bible verses. When asked to suggest a few mentioned the Psalms of David and also Romans.
“Romans 12:1 reveals the light that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. As we meditate on this verse at night it will have a profound and deep influence on our conscience and gradually as we come to believe the verse it will set us free from any nagging sense of accusation, guilt or fear. Fear, stress, worry and guilt are some of the things that negatively affect the quality of our sleep at night and can erode our dreaming experience.”
Scott makes it clear in this book that God speaks to us in our dreams no matter who we are or what we believe:
“The things that I recommend about sleep preparation are not intended in any way to become ‘law’ or some kind of legalistic burden to people. I do believe it will enhance their sleep and dreaming experience but I am ultimately confident in the Sovereignty of God. When he wants to speak to us in a dream He will do it. There are examples of this kind of thing happening and being reported in the mission field. Muslims are reporting Jesus appearing to them in dreams and being converted by reason of their dreams.”
He, Scott, also makes it clear that there are no rules etched in stone as to how we are to interpret dreams. Which is why; I don’t use the dream book that I have.
“This is the genius of God that keeps us dependent of Him and His Spirit and not on some methodology of interpreting by knowing a list of symbol meanings from a dream dictionary.”
Each of us should have a personal relationship with Father God. Knowing that He speaks to us in various ways including dreams it is important that we know how to get the most out of our sleep. What is presented in “What Every Dream Means” is the compilations of biblical principles supported by scripture to help you interpret you own dreams as well as the dreams of others.In case you have not determined it yet: I am recommending you purchase this book. Review Written by Marsha L. Randolph