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Monday, July 19, 2021

A Biblical Perspective on How to Avoid Being Scammed; Book Review by Lorilyn Roberts of Steve Cioccolanti's New Book, "Scam Proof Your Life in the End: Justice & Restoration for Christian Times"


Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2021
Almost all of us have been the victim of a scam. I can think of several right off the top of my head that I've experienced. The Bible says in Mathew 10:16: “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves."

Jesus was upfront about the state of this world. He was sending His disciples (and His followers like you and me) out among wolves, and that we needed to be prepared, and expect to be scammed, attacked, mocked, and ridiculed. Make no mistake; people's hearts are getting more and more hardened, and scammers are getting more and more brazen.

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti's book "Scam Proof Your Life in the End Times" will give you practical advice as well as Biblical teaching on how to carry out Jesus' directive in Matt 10:16. The last thing any Christiaan wants to do is line the pockets of those who are doing the devil's bidding. Read this book and let God open your eyes to Truth.

I never knew there was a Biblical blueprint that could be followed to avoid being a victim. Or at the very least, to minimize the opportunity. 
The last thing any Christian wants to do is line the pockets of those who are doing the devil's bidding. Read this book and let God open your eyes to Truth.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

New Spec Fiction from Robin Densmore Fuson


Robin Fuson
Inspirational Speculative fiction
July 2021
207 pp.
Ebook $2.99
Print $8.95
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About the Book

A Christian Speculative Fiction Novella set in the 1930s through 1950s.

Child prodigy Jacquelyn (Jackie) Carter’s life is interrupted when she dies. From the beginning of her life, her Guardian angel, Faphick, senses Jackie is remarkable. God regards all His children as special and important to Him.

Faphick and a host of other Beings play out their roles in the spiritual dimension that surrounds her. Although unseen by Jackie, they are critical to her life.

A visit to Heaven feels like pure bliss, and although she would like to stay, Heaven isn’t ready to keep her. She’d always thought her vocation as a dancer-entertainer defined her life. Sent back to Earth to fulfill her purpose, with no instruction book, wrenches her soul.

As pressure mounts, will she overcome enormous obstacles and find her God-given purpose? Will she accept Aunt Sherry’s help as prospects around her dwindle? Faphick wants to keep evil away and shield her from any distress. How much can he intervene?


My review

Fuson adds to her extensive repertoire of inspirational fiction with a tale from the other side. If you’ve wondered about the role of Guardian angels and heavenly Beings, Interruption offers a creative answer.

Jackie is a special child endowed with beautiful gifts. She’s looked after, as are all humans, by heavenly beings who don’t interfere, she’s able to make life choices both positive and inappropriate. We are all give a purpose on Earth. Some of us find it sooner than later; some of us are able to whether storms better than others. When Jackie spirals out of control, everyone from the unseen, fearsome and loving Faphick to her earthly family gathers to help. Whether she accepts it is up to her.

Told in alternating viewpoints and timelines from Faphick to Jackie, Interruption is sure to delight and provide thought-provoking questions about life and faith to readers of inspiring fiction.


About the Author

Robin lives in Sugarmill Woods, Florida with her husband Jimmy and their Belgian Malinois, Kenzi. She and her husband celebrate with an overflowing cup of blessings with seventeen grandchildren. An award winner for romance and flash fiction, Robin is multi-published in both fiction and non-fiction and has written well over a hundred stories on her blog for children. Two of her novellas are finalists in the 2020 Selah awards. Her historical and contemporary romances, and Christian women’s fiction, are wrapped around a twist of intrigue. The Rosita Valdez series for children lends itself to a character-building lesson through an adventure. Robin is a member of Word Weavers International, ACFW, and John316 Marketing Network. Robin loves company and challenging her young guests to discover the many giraffes in the obvious and hidden nooks and crannies of their home.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

New Book Release: Wake Up America or Die! The Undeniable Crisis, by Dr. Lloyd Stebbins

“Homeschooling two daughters for many years bolstered the inescapable conviction that the future of America depends on the values Christian parents instill in their children. This simple, but vitally important truth has been a casualty of America’s rapid decline. The cultural deception is so pervasive that America is perilously close to going the way of every great civilization before us. 

Wake Up America or Die! You Must Save America The Family The Undeniable Crisis is a clarion call to Christian schools and homeschooling families – you are the hope of America. 

Dr. Stebbins has not only outlined the problems facing this great nation, but he has identified many practical solutions. If we don’t get serious about America’s future, God’s protective hand will surely be removed. Wake Up America or Die! is prophetic—and sobering. 

Every Christian involved in the educational arena must read Dr. Stebbins’ book. Ignorance is not bliss—it’s treachery for our children’s future.” 

~Lorilyn Roberts, Homeschool Mother


Dr. Lloyd H. Stebbins




The man who graduates today

and stops learning tomorrow

is uneducated the day after.


America's Dark Slide - Bright Future - New Book Release from Dr. Judith Reisman and Dr. Lloyd Stebbins

America's Dark Side - Bright Future is a brilliant and gripping expose of Alfred Kinsey and the surviving Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. The damage done to our American culture by this damaged individual (Kinsey) is appalling and has produced negative effects on our nation's educational system from kindergarten through college resulting, thereby, in confusion and moral decay to our traditional values. 

BUT, TAKE HEART, the authors also present a path to restoration! Presenting the family and our country's Judeo-Christian roots as the primary agents of recovery, Drs. Reisman and Stebbins validate their position by citing information from well-known scholars in the field and historical figures as well as from Biblical passages. 

The future is indeed a hopeful one if as believers we strive to restore our nation to its virtuous and rightful position. This book is an easy read on the dark side of our culture and on its bright future. 

As Dr. Stebbins states (p. 157) “You cannot unread this book.” 

~John S. Knox, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology, Liberty University.




The man who graduates today

and stops learning tomorrow

is uneducated the day after.

To purchase America's Dark Slide - Bright Future from Amazon, Click here.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Target America - Target You - New Book Release by Dr. Lloyd Stebbins

The principal driving force of America’s founding was freedom of religion. America’s institutions established a culture of civic freedom to assure all citizens the right to practice religious freedom in all walks of life. History has demonstrated repeatedly that heritage determines destiny.

However, Christians and their heritage have, with rapidly increasing frequency, been vigorously and powerfully attacked in recent decades. The American culture first drifted from the Bible and later drifted from the United States Constitution.

The Biblical battle between good and evil in heavenly places has become clearly visible in this life—in the United States of America, where people least expected it. Unless the decline of the American culture is stopped and its Judeo-Christian heritage is recovered, America’s future is grim. 

Believers in America have become anesthetized by excessive materialism, progressively isolated, numbed to all manner of sin, and distant from God. The only remedy available is the greatest spiritual awakening of all time, similar to the awakening that fueled the War for Independence, later known as the American Revolutionary War. 

Faith must become real and soul-deep. Holy Spirit enabled love for God through Jesus the Messiah must become so visible that others are envious. The overflow of God’s love through believers conquers all. The book, Target America—Target You! explains it all and provides your action plan. It’s available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and many other places.

Dovetailing personal and professional experiences evoked a glaring awareness that America’s Judeo-Christian culture has drifted away from God in recent decades, just a few steps behind the secular culture. Virtually all modern social controversies emerged from that drift. Their resolution is rooted in recapturing the God-given gift of freedom and a striking, pervasive awareness of America’s rich and compelling godly heritage, a personal mission for Dr. Lloyd Stebbins. He has been a lifelong Christian active in many ministries.


In the private sector, Dr. Stebbins has worked in several industries including over 20 years as an environmental consultant. Since then, he has taught both science courses and MBA courses in several universities.  His publishing experience includes a doctoral dissertation, hundreds of articles for periodicals, and recent books entitled, 1) America: Dark Slide—Bright Future, 2) Wake Up America or Die—The Undeniable Crisis, and Wake Up America or Die—The Awesome Remedy

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

FREE Memoir for Animal Lovers for St. Patrick's Day AND the Day After - Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul

You can check out all of my books on my website at
FREE book for St. Patrick's Day
2 days only
March 17 and March 18

If you look at what the Bible says about the mark of the beast, the technology being rolled out now is what will be required for the antichrist to become the world leader as foretold in Scripture. The COVID-19 vaccine is just the beginning—a pseudo-pandemic to set the stage for something far more sinister.

The goal is to condition people to the standards of a new reality, to seduce people into believing the government is going to take care of them, and to turn them into sheeple—useful idiots who believe the lies the media tells them because they have turned away from God. They would prefer to seek their identity in tribal affiliation, comfort, or sexual perversion. TO READ MY FULL BLOG POST, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

My Favorite Creative Writing Books - by Lorilyn Roberts

From time to time, people ask me what my favorite books are to learn how to write. Of course, it depends on what kind of story you want to tell. There are hundreds of creative writing books penned by excellent authors, and some of those books may be better than the ones I’m going to recommend here.

That said, every author has his or her favorites.

Most of these I’m listing are books I read when I earned my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Considering how many awards I’ve won, I believe they've helped me and would also help others.

If you have any favorites, please add them in the comments section below, and I can do an addendum later.

First, I want to add a few insights on writing (I can’t help myself). 

1.  Good writing is rewriting. 

2.  No matter how many books you write, writing is hard. You might learn a few things to improve your craft along the way, but it takes persistence. Don’t give up. Just keep working at it. Those paragraphs eventually turn into chapters, and those chapters eventually turn into a book.

3.  After writing your first draft, that’s when the real work begins—editing. I’ve heard many newbies say they hate editing. Learn to love editing. You will edit many more hours than writing your first draft.

4.  If you are writing to make a lot of money, you might be disappointed. If you are writing because you can’t help but write, you are a writer.

5.  Read a lot, and those books that stick with you forever, ask why. Writing is more than just a mental activity. Writing involves the heart, the emotions, the senses, and the intellect. Think about what made those books special—and there is no right or wrong answer. Books are a work of art.

6.  Be willing to take constructive suggestions. In the end, it’s up to you what you do with that “criticism.” Don’t be defensive. Just say “thank you” and move on.

7.  If you write something that changes the world or improves people’s lives, relationships, or perspective, thank God He used you to make the world a better place, and give Him the glory. 

Here goes my list of books in no particular order linked to Amazon:

Writing to Change the World, by Mary Pipher

The Elements of Style, By William Strunk, Jr., and E.B. White

How to Write Killer Fiction, by Carolyn Wheat

Writing for Story by Jon Franklin

On Moral Fiction by John Gardner

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Scene & Structure by Jack M. Bickham (important for fiction)

If you are interested in writing a memoir, here is a link to an award-winning article I wrote:

"Writing a Memoir in Twelve Easy Steps"

I would also recommend you find a writer's group in your area and start attending. I lead the local Word Weavers International in Gainesville, Florida, so if you live near me, you are welcome to join us. There are also many other chapters across the United States as well as some online critique groups. Click on this link to learn more.

If you have any specific writing questions, post them in the comments below and I will reply as time permits. 

If you would like to check out my latest book, Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul, click here.

In the meantime, happy writing!

Monday, February 1, 2021

Author Phyllis Sather's Book Review of Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul Written by Lorilyn Roberts

Reviewed by Phyllis Sather

 If you enjoy animals, you need to read Tails and Purrs.

It's perfect for reading around the fireplace on a cool evening. Wrap in a warm blanket and just enjoy yourself.

I am so glad I read this book. It’s a delightful way to get to know the author a bit. Instead of somewhat boring details, she gives us peeks into her life by introducing us to her pets. I’ve only had a couple of pets, but I could certainly relate to some of her stories.

She brings herself and her pets to life as she tells about their relationship. She’s very open about her losses and attempts not to love another pet, but as is so often the case, when you see the right animal your heart just won’t let you hold back your feelings.

All you animal lovers should really get a copy; you will love each of her pets as you hear about their antics and special ways. I’ve lost count of how many she’s had, but there are enough to keep you reading and relating for quite a while.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Book Review by Award-Winning Author Lorilyn Roberts of Lisa J. Lickel's New Medical/Romance Thriller "UnderCut"


UnderCut by Lisa J. Lickel may be her best novel yet. The story begins with a couple who are engaged amid a backdrop of family dysfunction, emotional entanglements, medical intrigue, and dark forces out for revenge. The narrative builds into an engrossing plotline that is driven forward with authentic, engaging characters caught in the crossfire of evil. 

The medical thriller never lags, and many themes dealing with complex and relevant issues concerning racial relations, adoption, and family dynamics take center stage.

More subtle topics like the intersection of faith in the midst of suffering add depth and authenticity to the characters.

I also learned more than I knew before about the world of kidney transplants and the need for more volunteers to sign up on the national register.

While the story has a good solid ending, the author left an opening for a sequel, so I look forward to reading the next book in the series if one should follow.

To order from Amazon, click here.

About Lisa J. Lickel

Lisa Lickel is an author, editor, and mentor who lives with her husband in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. Surrounded by books and dragons, she writes inspiring fiction both short and full-length, including mysteries, romance and family drama, feature articles, and radio theater. She belongs to the Wisconsin Writers Association, the Chicago Writers Association and is a writing coach at Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp & Retreat. Lisa loves to encourage new authors through mentoring, speaking, and leading workshops. Lisa also is an avid book reviewer and blogger, and a freelance editor. Find more at

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sassy Pants Learns to Take Care of Others, by Carol A. Brown -- Book Review by Lorilyn Roberts


Sassy Pants Learns to Take Care of Others is the fourth and final book in the Sassy Pants Series. You do not need to have read the previous books in the series to become quickly immersed in this book. 

The language is delightful, appropriate for young kids, and written in such a way that would be fun for a parent to read to a young child, or for a slightly older child (up to thirteen) to enjoy reading on his own. 

The tone and affirmations throughout the book reflect great life lessons—the virtues of kindness and caring, the sting of being selfish or insensitive, and the willingness to be taught and become wise.

The illustrations are outstanding and bring to life the words of the story. Kids will love the artist’s creativity, especially the facial expressions of the animals.

 I also enjoyed the dialog of the animal characters—so appropriate and so child-like. And I appreciated the idea of respect and authority for the elder animals in the story.

There is so much to like about the Sassy Pants Series. If you are looking for a great animal series for kids for Christmas, I highly recommend it.  Your child will love the little Sassy Pants’ pig and the unexpected surprise that awaits her at the end.

To Order from Amazon, click here

In Carol A. Brown's own words:

In addition to being passionate about reading and writing, I enjoy nature, music, and playing the piano. I also do pottery, knit, crochet, and paint. David and I live in Juneau, Alaska. We have two daughters, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

My current faith assignment is to stay close to Jesus so that I can hear what He says and write it down.