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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kindle Scout Book - Read First Five Thousand Words and Nominate "The City" - Receive FREE Kindle Book if Amazon Selects It

I need your help. For the last six months I have labored tirelessly to write "The City." Please click here and read the first 5,000 words. 

If you like "The City," Please consider nominating it by clicking on the "nominate" button. Even if Amazon doesn't choose my book, just your vote will help me to garner exposure. If Amazon does select "The City," your nomination will mean Amazon will send you a free Kindle copy when they publish it. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Book Review of The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

The Dividing Stone

Anita Estes
January 19, 2016
Tate Publishing

ISBN  978-1681872001
Print $16.99

About the Book:
A sinister, dark force hovers over the unsuspecting valley when Margo Pierson discovers a tattered letter illuminating a mysterious ancestor and warning them of “a diabolical evil that stalks this town.” Through preoccupied with preparations for the prestigious craft show, Margo, the young potter, is catapulted into a quest to unearth the truth and expose the uncanny murder of her namesake Unwittingly, she and her companions stumble upon an ancient stone that holds the secret to both the past and present dangers. Caught off guard by her nemesis, Bill Guiles, he kidnaps Ms. Pierson and attempts to erase all she discovered of the secret society, Will their plans be thwarted? Will havoc be the new order? Will relationships be ruined and marriages annihilated? As the forces of good and evil engage in a spiritual battle in the heavenly realm, can Margo survive and foil the deadly curses set in motion centuries ago?

Come join Margo Pierson and friends for a roller-coaster ride and supernatural adventure of your life.

My review:
Ms. Estes’ debut inspirational fiction is filled with darkness and terror, evil and demons battling for control. Using the cover of the church and secret societies, demons hold sway over those who have denounced faith, or who are weak-willed. Even Margo and her husband Chris’s friends are close to tragedy in this story of spiritual battle.

Told in multiple viewpoints, The Dividing Stone whips the reader from heaven to earth to the realms of the demonic in fast action. Detailed, brittle, even gory in places, the story unfolds as Margo gradually closes in on the truth of the events surrounding her ancestry in a quaint New England community. Little does she know the forces unleashed that fateful day of a long-ago suspected suicide have never left and are simply waiting to finish what they began when Margo finds a cursed piece of antiquity.