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Friday, January 15, 2016

debut suspense novel from Anita Estes

Anita Estes debut novel

Product Details

ISBN 978-1681872001
January 19, 2016
Tate Publishing
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Peppered with mystery and intrigue, The Dividing Stone engages the reader in a dynamic interplay of supernatural forces, reflecting the  multifaceted reasons for the demolition of marriages and division in the church. It explores the spiritual and human dynamics involved in the treacherous plot to destroy believers, and the extraordinary power of prayer to overcome evil

From the back:
A sinister, dark force hovers over the unsuspecting valley when Margo Pierson discovers a tattered letter illuminating a mysterious ancestor and warning them of "a diabolical evil that stalks this town." Though preoccupied with preparations for the prestigious craft show, Margo, the young potter, is catapulted into a quest to unearth the truth and expose the uncanny murder of her namesake. Unwittingly, she and her companions stumble upon an ancient stone that holds the secret to both the past and present dangers. Caught off guard by her nemesis, Bill Guiles, he kidnaps Ms. Pierson and attempts to erase all she discovered of the secret society. Will their plans be thwarted? Will havoc be the new order? Will relationships be ruined and marriages annihilated? As the forces of good and evil engage in a spiritual battle in the heavenly realm, can Margo survive and foil the deadly curses set in motion centuries ago?

Come join Margo Pierson and friends for a roller-coaster ride and supernatural adventure of your life!

The Dividing Stone
No one can escape it. 

Read an excerpt:
Margo stared at the tattered piece of brittle paper in disbelief. A gust of wind almost tore it from her hands, but the cold blast quickly died. Her eyes raced across the faded, amber-colored letter as she struggled to absorb its meaning. She stood transfixed and read the vehement warning written with a fountain pen in red ink. 

There is a diabolical evil that stalks this town. 

The next sentences were barely legible, but she could make out a phrase: “a true-blood Dubier.” 

The name sounded familiar from her research. Margo thought it might be one of the founding town fathers. She backtracked and deciphered a few preceding words. “They are closer than you think. Beware!”

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Book Release: The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

Set on a quest to discover her mysterious ancestor, Margo Pierson, is catapulted into a battle to overcome a sinister society bent on annihilating Christians. 

On a hunch, she and her husband uncover a cryptic stone that thrusts them headlong on a path of destruction. While others are caught off guard, Margo senses an evil presence and comes face to face with the master manipulator, Bill Guiles. 

Through his devious devices she gets tangled in his web, until she is rescued by an unlikely character. In a struggle to posses the stone, the dark secrets of its origin  are revealed.

Enjoy a flavor of The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

The Dragon Master of the Dark Abyss breathed fire and summoned all his minions. He roared with a fearsome anger like rolling thunder. “You fools! What bumbling idiot allowed that book to fall into her hands?"

Margo raced over and gasped at what was on the other side. “Oh no!” She couldn’t believe her eyes. Encased in a ring of open rectangular designs stood bands of stylized symbols. “Hieroglyphics?"

“Well, in the six months I’ve been a Christian, I’ve been saved by an angel and from the jaws of a bear.” He gulped his black coffee. “I never thought someone like me would’ve been helped by something I didn't even believe in, and now by...prayer!"

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wakulla Book Review: Christian Olympics by S.E. Gregg

“The Christian Olympics” by author S.E.Gregg is a pretty good read.The book covers a wide variety of issues confronting Christians. 

The book is interesting and thought provoking in its analogy of a Christian's life being like the Olympics. Struggles with life's little problems are broken down into categories such as competition, preparation, and exercise.

In reading this book, I was encouraged to realize that my struggles in life can be likened to a race where I can do better through diligent training, spiritual exercise, and a commitment to overcoming adversity. 

I enjoyed the book as a father because it addresses parenting and related subjects helpful to anyone with teenagers. 

Finally,the book is well written with reasonable scriptural references. I especially enjoyed the presentation of the material in an uplifting and meaningful manner as opposed to  some books whose authors are more dogmatic or demotional view to express their points.

I would suggest new Christians, newly married, and new parents read this book - and yes, athletes too!

Wakulla Book Review by Richard P.


I want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

Each WEEK (usually on Tuesday), we are posting reviews from 
Wakulla Correctional inmates of John 3:16 books. 

Inmates are loving the new books from John 3:16 authors. 
Chaplain Steve Fox is adding the new books to the prison library in this initiative to "change lives to ensure a safer Florida."

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

limited time sale for Sid Frost's new mystery, Murder in Sun City

 Murder in Sun City
ISBN-13: 978-0-9903181-2-5

$2.99 Regular price
$1.99 1/3/2016--1/10/2016

£1.99 Regular price
£0.99 1/3/2016--1/10/2016


Sun City is typically calm…until Liz shows up in her red double-decker bookmobile and starts cruising. When she finds one of her patrons dead, the police call it an accident and a day…but Liz has her suspicions and isn't about to give up. Lieutenant Bratton has met his match.

James Jones is a Vietnam War veteran who continued to fight the battles long after the war ended and everyone went home. His encounters are mostly in his head today, but if the military took senior citizens, he'd sign up without batting an eye. Combat was what he did best and he is lost without it. Now, as a soldier of fortune, James ends up in Sun City also.

This is the story of what happens when Liz and James cross paths.

My review:
Sid Frost is not only one of my favorite people, he's become one of my favorite authors. In this mystery, the fifth in his bookmobile series, Sid draws his readers into the life of librarian Liz Seido Helmsley who has found her true love in a British ex-pat farmer named Samuel, married and moved to Sun City. She takes the beloved red double-decker mobile library introduced in The Vengeance Squad Goes to England, and it’s not long before Liz and the library give her the opportunity for a mobile library route in this squeaky clean retirement community.

But wherever Liz goes, trouble seems to proceed her. This time it’s with a library patron found dead. Neighbor’s stories about the deceased don’t add up, and when Lt. Joe Bratton of the local police wants to wrap up the case as a simple accident, Liz decides to dig a bit deeper. Sharon Coleman turns out to be a lady of many oddities and mysteries, and Mr. Coleman even more so. With the help of her newly graduated grandson Michael and the blessing, mostly, of Samuel, Liz embarks on her own investigation to help Lt. Bratton whether he needs it or not, and make sure the Coleman’s daughter receives her proper inheritance.

One of Sharon’s secrets, an apparently homeless veteran with PTSD, James Jones, complicates everything. As the story progresses and the twists and turns lead the reader deeper into the corkscrewed life of the Colemans, about the only sympathetic figure left, so it seems, is Princess, Sharon’s pet pooch.

Murder in Sun City is a fun mystery, highly recommended for those who enjoy cozy mysteries featuring characters with a lifetime of experience, and plenty of exciting turns. I especially appreciated the treatment of those who suffer from PTSD and may not be in full control of their faculties.

About the Author:
Sidney W. FrostSidney W. Frost was born and raised in Austin, Texas, served in the U.S. Marines in California, worked in the space industry in Los Angeles and Houston, and is now living in Georgetown, Texas. 

He is active in his church and is a former Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader.

He has loved choral music from an early age, and was in 42 Austin Lyric Opera productions. He and his wife, Celeste, sing in their church choir as well as the San Gabriel Chorale. They have also participated in several Berkshire Festivals in and out of the United States. He loves to travel and has visited 33 countries.

He has a Master of Science degree from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Long Beach. He has worked in the Information Technology business for many years, and in May, 2011, retired after thirty years as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Austin Community College. He received the adjunct teaching excellence award in 2005. He now teaches writing courses, most recently a class on memoir writing for the Senior University of Georgetown.

He is the author of four Christian novels, set in and around Austin, Texas, and three non-fiction books. Awards for his first novel, Where Love Once Lived, include First Place in the 2007 SouthWest Writers Contest and First Place in the 2007 Writers' League of Texas Novel Manuscript Contest. Visit Sid’s website, and Amazon author pages.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wakulla Book Review: The Map Quilt by Lisa J. Lickel

An exciting story that combines the actions of a past generation with those of the future or present generation, creating a cause and effect.

Julietta is out to solve a family mystery that began in the 1860s along the famous Underground Railroad. Fighting for the land that her free ancestors had obtained in the first of the 1800s, this African-American woman is in a fight for her life.

Hart and a very pregnant July get caught up in Julietta’s adventure which includes murder, theft, threats and near disaster.

Involving family, friends and unlikely acquaintances, Hart and Judy learn and grown as God leads the way. With a very adventurous wife, a new baby, and a mother who is beginning to date again, Hart wonders if he’ll survive.

This book has the elements of love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, anger and forgiveness rolled into a well-written package. Ultimately, it’s about the true treasures of life—family and friends.
I’d give this book five stars on content and adventure with a touch of history blended in.

A very easy read that I would recommend to older preteens and up; male or female

A Wakulla Book Review by Bill C.


I want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

Each WEEK (usually on Tuesday), we are posting reviews from 
Wakulla Correctional inmates of John 3:16 books. 

Inmates are loving the new books from John 3:16 authors. 
Chaplain Steve Fox is adding the new books to the prison library in this initiative to "change lives to ensure a safer Florida."