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Monday, January 4, 2016

Wakulla Book Review: The Map Quilt by Lisa J. Lickel

An exciting story that combines the actions of a past generation with those of the future or present generation, creating a cause and effect.

Julietta is out to solve a family mystery that began in the 1860s along the famous Underground Railroad. Fighting for the land that her free ancestors had obtained in the first of the 1800s, this African-American woman is in a fight for her life.

Hart and a very pregnant July get caught up in Julietta’s adventure which includes murder, theft, threats and near disaster.

Involving family, friends and unlikely acquaintances, Hart and Judy learn and grown as God leads the way. With a very adventurous wife, a new baby, and a mother who is beginning to date again, Hart wonders if he’ll survive.

This book has the elements of love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, anger and forgiveness rolled into a well-written package. Ultimately, it’s about the true treasures of life—family and friends.
I’d give this book five stars on content and adventure with a touch of history blended in.

A very easy read that I would recommend to older preteens and up; male or female

A Wakulla Book Review by Bill C.


I want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

Each WEEK (usually on Tuesday), we are posting reviews from 
Wakulla Correctional inmates of John 3:16 books. 

Inmates are loving the new books from John 3:16 authors. 
Chaplain Steve Fox is adding the new books to the prison library in this initiative to "change lives to ensure a safer Florida."

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