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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Book Release: The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

Set on a quest to discover her mysterious ancestor, Margo Pierson, is catapulted into a battle to overcome a sinister society bent on annihilating Christians. 

On a hunch, she and her husband uncover a cryptic stone that thrusts them headlong on a path of destruction. While others are caught off guard, Margo senses an evil presence and comes face to face with the master manipulator, Bill Guiles. 

Through his devious devices she gets tangled in his web, until she is rescued by an unlikely character. In a struggle to posses the stone, the dark secrets of its origin  are revealed.

Enjoy a flavor of The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

The Dragon Master of the Dark Abyss breathed fire and summoned all his minions. He roared with a fearsome anger like rolling thunder. “You fools! What bumbling idiot allowed that book to fall into her hands?"

Margo raced over and gasped at what was on the other side. “Oh no!” She couldn’t believe her eyes. Encased in a ring of open rectangular designs stood bands of stylized symbols. “Hieroglyphics?"

“Well, in the six months I’ve been a Christian, I’ve been saved by an angel and from the jaws of a bear.” He gulped his black coffee. “I never thought someone like me would’ve been helped by something I didn't even believe in, and now by...prayer!"

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  1. Thank you for hosting me Lorilyn!! This has been a long awaited goal to have this book published. I feel that the Lord inspired this book to illustrate how much prayer is needed to overcome the schemes of the enemy. The theme goes right along with that of "War Room" though I started the book 20 years ago!!