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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Newest Feature to Help Authors Write Good Books - Beta Readers



I hope you will find the experience of working with beta readers an invaluable part of your publishing adventure. My success with beta readers has been worth the expense and time I allowed for it and I will always use them in the future.

We have streamlined the process to make it easy for you and time effective for me.

I will send you two articles I wrote about how to use beta readers effectively and what I need from you to proceed with the process. When you send me back the letter, “first letter to beta readers,” and include a payment via PayPal for $75, I will submit the letter to our list of readers.

The $75 is used in the following way. Each beta reader, upon reading your book and submitting his or her feedback, will be sent a $5 Amazon gift card via email from me. You don’t have to worry about that part of the process. I will select seven beta readers from those who respond. They will be chosen in the following way:  Those who have given the best feedback on previous books will be chosen first to read your book.

From experience, I know that some people will say they are going to read your book and then not follow through. Percentage-wise, if I choose seven, it’s safe to predict five will follow through and give you good feedback. If you get all seven to respond, pat yourself on the pat and take it as a sign you’ve got a great book.

All the readers who provide feedback will be sent a $5 Amazon gift card. If you get five, that’s good. If you get less than five, I will resubmit your request out (at no additional cost) until you get five completed responses back on your book. I will know what the status is because the process will go through me – that way it will cut down on the time involved and communication – et cetera.

The remainder of the money, $50,  compensates me for my time. I figure I will spend anywhere between an hour and two hours coordinating and helping you. The price might be adjusted up or down in the future, depending on how the process goes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

If you would like to proceed, let me know, and I will send you the “first letter to beta readers” to get you started. My email for payment through Paypal is


  1. How long will the process take from submission to getting feed back? Will the readers be given a time deadline?

  2. Is this something you're still doing? I would be incredibly interested in using this service in a few weeks, if you are.