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Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Launch ~ Tue. April 5th ~ What Every Dream Means

I wanted to announce my upcoming book launch taking place on Tue. April 5th (that's one week from now approx.) for those of you who would like to participate. The goal of the launch is to reach the Amazon Best Seller List and partners are the key! Please email me if you are interested:
A Big Thank You to those of you who have committed to the launch and will be posting, blogging, emailing, interviewing etc. etc. Your support is priceless! The Landing Page will be live soon and all partners will be listed on a separate page with links to web sites and blogs. For those giving Bonus Gifts descriptions of you and your Bonus Gift will be listed on the Landing Page itself. Also, please pray if you are so inclined. I am concentrated on praying for the success of the partners as well as the whole campaign itself with all the final details and preparation to come together this week (including all technology issues). Anyway as we get closer to launch time I will communicate more with you!

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