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Monday, August 10, 2015

Wakulla Book Review: The Essence of Evil by Barbara Ann Derksen

This is the second book of the Finders Keepers Series. It picks up where the first book ended and continues the adventures of Christine and Jeremy.

Ms. Derksen does a great job of bringing together many seemingly unrelated events. The plat twists and turns like a Nascar race course, leaving the reader guessing at every corner.

Barbara Ann is a master at integrating the characters faith in Jesus into the everyday matters. It is refreshing and the characters are so life like, it’s amazing.

There are some tough issues dealt with also – child abduction, pedophilia, sex trafficking, physical and mental abuse, and even cancer. Barbara Ann keeps it real, shows compassion, erupts in rage at atrocities, and shares the love of Jesus. Truly an incredible writer and a great book.

I’m waiting for the next book and will recommend her books to anyone that likes a great book!! Five Stars!!   

Book Review by Loren – 


I (Lorilyn Roberts) want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

Each WEEK (usually on Tuesday), we are posting reviews from 
Wakulla Correctional inmates of John 3:16 books. 

Inmates are loving the new books from John 3:16 authors. 
Chaplain Steve Fox is adding the new books to the prison library in this initiative to "change lives to ensure a safer Florida."

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