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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wakulla Book Review: The Asquinn Twins: No Greener Pastures Book Three, by Heather Radford

Book Summary:
After a life full of debarchery and infidelity, Sherry leaves Ken and returns home to Forest Lake with her two boys, threatening to divorce Ken if he doesn’t change.
Ken gets right with God and leaves his old life behind to reclaim his family. He moves back to Forest Lake, Ontario, and becomes Police Chief Superintendent of the Forest Lake department.
Three years later Bradan gets right with God and returns home as well to become a constable first class. Together, they clean up the hamlet as well as work on relationships with God and family.

To show the mercy and power of God to forgive and rebuild families and lives of the backslidden.

2/Rebuilding relationships
3/ Rebuilding dreams.


God is always willing for the prodigal to come home.

I liked this third book, although I hated to see the elder Turehues die. But I still rejoiced with the characters because their salvation was secure.
A great ending and well put together.

The message is sound and good but the story has the adults sounding like five year old kids. If this is a children’s book, the language is awkward.

If it’s adult fiction, the Christian morals and standard teaching are awesome. But the characters need to be rebuilt to display their proper age and mentality of adults. Also, too many typos. It takes away from the story; you have to piece together what the author is truly saying.

Wakulla Book Review

Book Critique by: Booker T.


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