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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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A Tree has Roots,
That grow deep inside the Ground
Which hold firmly the tree in place.
The Wind blows,
The tree Stands,
The rain Pours,
The tree Stands.

The tree has beautiful leaves and fruits
Providing a full covering.

As a human being,
The spirit is willing.
But our flesh is so weak
And when trouble comes.
We fall on our knees,
And ask God to come
And fill us with his comforting word of encouragement.

God is not a small God but a very big God
That helps us in times of need.
Tree, Strength, Roots, Word and Fruits.
We are like a tree planted in the word of God
That produces fruits in good season.
Never withering as the Lord waters us
Through the refreshing river of the Holy Spirit.

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