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Friday, January 14, 2011

Review of Delia latham's book DESTINY'S DREAM

As a pre-cursor to Delia Latham's book launch, I'd like to post my review of her book.

DESTINY’S DREAM by Delia Latham has it all. There’s romance, mystery and action – all very skillfully woven together into a well told and satisfying story. Add to that a solid presentation of the gospel using real and believable characters, and you have a recipe for a great Christian romance novel. These elements on their own are enough to make this book worth reading, but Latham has taken her story telling to another whole level. There were so many unique things about this book that I’m not sure where to begin. First of all, the set up where the two main characters meet is pretty unusual. Destiny May and Clay Gallagher meet at her mother’s funeral. Yeah, that’s right – a funeral! Hardly the makings for a ‘happy beginning’, yet Latham manages to make this scene quite humorous without becoming irreverent. Also, Destiny’s profession is atypical, to say the least. She runs a dating service for Christians and sees it as a ministry that God has called her to. Rather than coming across as shallow, Latham manages to present both the heroine and her aspirations in such a way that it seems totally plausible – even inspiring. In fact, one of the things that impressed me most was the matter of fact way Destiny’s deep spirituality was dealt with in the book. There were plenty of references to the gospel message, redemption, prayer, and even some topics that other authors might shy away from such as angelic visitations, the use of anointing oil, and prophetic messages from God. Yet, Latham weaves all of these elements into the story in such a skillful and unobtrusive way that never once does the reader feel like they are being preached at or ‘taught’. This is good story telling at its finest. There are lots of solid Biblical principles, well rounded and sympathetic characters, and enough plot twists and turns to keep you on your toes – all put together so that in the end all you are left with is the satisfaction of a story well told.   


  1. I am so glad you liked Destiny's Dream, Tracy! I'm honored, flattered...and very humbled by your words. It is my prayer that every reader of Destiny's Dream finds a blessing of some kind within its pages.

  2. Exactly what I like to read. Thanks for the review. Best wishes for a wonderful book launch Delia!