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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Book Awards

I'm excited to tell you about the launch of a brand new Christian Book Award - The Grace Awards. This is a totally reader based award, where YOU, the reader, can vote for your favorite books of 2010 in a number of categories.

What do you have to do? As long as you have an individual social networking page, (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning etc ... ) that has been up and running for three months prior to the opening of voting, you can nominate your favorite book of the year. It's that simple.

Individuals can vote from Jan 21 - Mar 15, 2011 by email to: and the subject line should read: '2010 Voting'. Include the Grace Awards novel category (ie, Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance), the title of the book being voted for and its author, a link to the individual voter's social networking page, the  individual voter's online name, and a 15-45 word summary/review/reason for voting for the novel. (Don't just copy the back cover blurb. We'll check!) Please vote ONLY for novels you have read.   

Novels must be submitted to the correct category, or they will not be counted. The Board makes all decisions on what votes will be accepted, but it is not our aim to exclude or disqualify a vote or voter, but rather to be inclusive.An individual can vote for only one novel per category in one submission. Multiple submissions will not be accepted. Please be sure you've voted in all the categories you wish the first time you submit. More than one submission can disqualify your voting. Of course authors can vote, but not for their own book(s). This is a reader-based awards and readers will pick the finalists in each category. 

·         Women's Fiction
·         Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance
·         Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Romantic Suspense/ Detective Novel Series  
·         Speculative (SciFi/fantasy/horror, etc.)
·         Action Adventure/Western/Historic Epic Fiction
·         Young Adult 

for more information and included categories: 


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  1. Hi Tracey - your list of catagories looks like Greek on my computer. Anyone else having that problem?