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Friday, February 1, 2019

Creation Seeker series by William Burt

The Lake Lights (The Creation Seekers Book 1) by [Burt, William D.]

Young Adult religious fiction
Ebook $4.99
Print $13.95
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About the Book
What are the mysterious lights flitting above Oregon's Oswego Lake on moonlit nights? Marsh gas? Ball lightning? Holdovers from the dawn of Creation? Or not-so-mythical creatures slinking in the shadows of half-remembered Scottish legends?

When young Jonathan Oliver makes it his personal project to track down the source of the elusive Lake Lights, his search takes him to Iron Mountain’s abandoned Prosser Mine and its whispered, age-old secrets. After his brilliant physicist father is kidnapped by Taliban insurgents in the wilds of Afghanistan, a grieving Jon is left to decode a cryptic message leading to yet more mysteries and a remarkable, game-changing invention.

While Jon and his grandfather concoct their own contraption to explore the Prosser Mine, they must also match wits with a devious, unscrupulous scientist who will stop at nothing to steal the device Jon has found and sell it to a shadowy criminal organization. Jon’s dual discoveries not only help him to deliver his city from total annihilation but also ultimately rock the scientific world to its very foundations.

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