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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sandra Barker and Old Testament Gems

Ancient Treasure: Old Testament Gems

Ancient Treasure – Old Testament Gems
Sandra Barker
January, 2019

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Print $12.99 

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About the Book
What do you think of the Old Testament of the Bible? Does it seem boring? Old and dusty? Intimidating? Like a fable? This book can help you get over those negative preconceptions. The Old Testament is alive and exciting! Its truths apply to our lives today and its relevant to our current world. 

This book of Ancient Treasure contains Old Testament Gems – key stories from the beginning of time in Genesis, all the way through its final book of Malachi. The stories are written in an easy to understand format, accurate and informative. They even include pictures for extra interest. Practical applications offer a personal touch with helpful insight to modern needs. This book will help you grasp the truths God continues to use in our lives and glimpse wonderful attributes of our heavenly Father revealed in His Word. 

Discover how the Old Testament is a rich story of the past, present and future.

The Author
Sandra Julian Barker
Sandra Julian Barker wrote hundreds of articles for two newspapers before branching out into magazines, short stories and novels. She has a story in "Chicken Soup for the Mothers Soul," and published her first novel, Ivory & Ice in 2013. Her greatest joy is found in writing inspirational pieces that inspire others and bring glory to God. Visit Sandra on her blog, Joyful Writer.

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