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Monday, December 3, 2018

Interview of Lisa Lickel by Lorilyn Roberts About Her New Book "Meow Mistletoe" - a Christmas Romance for Cat Lovers

Christmas Reunites the Lovelorn and 
Brings About New Romance Under the Mistletoe

Ivy’s ex-fiancé left her wary of men. After the fizzle of their undramatic relationship, she believes romance might be a myth until Adam, an intriguing newer member of Ivy’s pet organization, catches her attention at the holiday party. Ivy would like to know Adam better, but with her self-esteem in the gutter, how can she talk to him? Especially since self-absorbed incoming president Almanzo treats her like arm candy.

When Ivy agrees to help a fellow cat-lover find a missing pet, she learns that love doesn’t need theatrics.


Lorilyn:  When did you fall in love with cats?

Lisa:  We had pet cats when I was growing up, and I’ve always loved them. We had a pure black cat we called Midnight—that was the first one I recall as a child, though there are pictures of a cat with me in my crib. There were always the barn cats at my grandparents’ farm to try and tame, or at least follow and find their hideouts between the hay bales.

Lorilyn:  What is your favorite personal cat story?

Lisa:  Our most memorable pet was a Siamese kitten we picked up from my grandparent’s neighboring farm and drove five hours home with him protesting every minute of the way. My dad named him Terrible Turk, and he used to chase my brother and me around our house. Of course, we loved it. He had a lot of personality and was very beautiful.

Lorilyn:  What other cat books have you written?

Lisa:  I haven’t written any particular cat books, although cats are featured prominently in my first mystery series, Buried Treasure. Carranza has a sixth sense Judy relied upon to help her learn who to trust after her aunt’s unusual death. His successor, Pancho Villa, and his other offspring all played minor but memorable roles in the three stories, The Last Bequest, The Map Quilt, and The Newspaper Code.

Lorilyn:  Are you going to write a sequel to Meow Mistletoe?

Lisa: Meow Mistletoe introduces the Fancy Cat Series. Full-length books begin releasing in early 2019, with the reboot of Meow Mayhem on January 25. Ivy and Adam have settled in Apple Grove, only to discover something’s rotten when their friend the mayor goes missing. Meow Matrimony follows, releasing on February 15. Ivy and Adam are planning their wedding at last. Ivy tries to do a good deed that goes badly and she winds up in jail, accused of murder. The books will release in ebook form, then print a few weeks later. They will both be on special order with a special ebook price a few days before the release.

Lorilyn:  What have cats taught you about life?

Lisa:  Cats are survivors. Sure, they are certainly as vulnerable as any other living creatures, but they are adaptable, resourceful, playful, curious, and opinionated. They can be dropped off miles away from their birthplace and decide to either go back or stay and make the best of a new life. They know what and who they like, and deal with it, without all the messiness of emotions getting in the way, and they are quite forgiving. They let you know audibly when they’re content, they take regular naps, and they stalk away when they’re upset. You know, I think those are all good lessons for humans.

Lorilyn:  Lisa, I agree. We have five cats. I thank God He gave me a daughter from Nepal who loves cats. Her first word was m-e-o-w. 

I look forward to more books in the series. Keep us posted so we can be sure and buy them as soon as they are published.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us about your new book Meow Mistletoe. Make sure you get your copy for Christmas by clicking on this Amazon link 


Lisa Lickel lives in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. Surrounded by books and dragons, she writes inspiring fiction. Her novels include mystery and romance, all with a twist of grace. She writes short stories and radio theater, is an avid book #reviewer and #reader, writing mentor, workshop leader, freelance #editor, and blogger. She loves to encourage new #authors and is a member of Chicago Writers Association and Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp & Writers Retreat. Find more at

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  1. Nice interview! I've admired Lisa's skill as a writer for years. Meow Mistletoe was charming, and up to Ms. Lickel's usual standard!