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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Living Love Series, A Dad's Love, by Teresa Naidoo

A child left to their own devices will often choose the wrong devices. We see it time and time again, how children find their own answers, in their own ways – often to their own detriment. 
In a world of overworked parents, stressed out teachers, a straggling and struggling education system, an increasing cry for religion to be removed from mainstream schooling, technology advancing at such an amazing speed that children are overtaking their parents in their abilities to manoeuvre around the internet and social media. 
Easier access to the internet and social media mean that we can now reach people on the other side of the world in the blink of an eye. It also means that child traffickers and child predators can also reach a child in a blink of an eye.
Now, more than ever, children need solid, real, relevant and useful answers to the mountain of questions they have. A Dad’s Love is a simple, relatable story of both a child having an experience and a child observing an experience that they need guidance and support with. It stresses the open, trusting nature of a child, and the tendency of children to observe and model our behaviour. Children come to us pure. It is the world that contaminates them. We need to grow more hearts for children so that they have more models of how to live full, happy, safe, and healthy lives.

A Dad's Love: My best friend's Dad is always screaming and shouting at him and hitting him! I don't know what to do to help him! (The Living Love Series Book 1) is free on Amazon Kindle through Monday, April 16. To purchase or learn more, click on the title link above.

Teresa Naidoo has a deep and abiding love for God, children and writing. She hopes for a world where more and more children have a chance at a full, happy, safe and healthy life. And that she can help achieve this by combining the three things she loves - sharing the love and guidance she found in God with others through writing. 

Teresa believes strongly in the need of children for solid, real, relevant and useful answers to the mountain of questions they have and the need to provide them with guidance and support in this tenuous and precarious world. She's spent many years working in the secular world in IT and studied psychology with a special interest in child development before she finally turned her hand to get her words out into the world. She's South African, of Indian descent and lives a simple life focused on God, writing, family and good friends. 

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