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Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Book, "The Man, The Woman, and Genesis, Making Your Relationship Work," Book Excerpt by Stephen Otalor


Every relationship is like driving, no one just jumps into a car and starts driving, you learn it, you acquire the skill to drive and you also learn about the cars and learn about special features of every car you drive and know how it operates from other cars and road signs. 

So what happens when you jump into a car without any knowledge of driving, you end up crashing the car and causing damage to it, hurting yourself and others. In some cases, you hurt others and damage the car and you walk away unhurt. This is why people are required to go through driving classes and have a license. 

Sometimes we get so hurt from a relationship that you wish people should get a license to date before asking anyone for a relationship. The sad reality is that everyday people jump into a relationship like jumping into a car and crash it and immediately get out and jump into another and crash it again. Every man must understand he needs to sharpen his mind and get the right knowledge to keep his relationship going. As a man, you must be honest with yourself, to admit to yourself when you feel and know you lack knowledge. That is where you start from in getting things right. Keeping a relationship is not like breathing when you can say it comes natural, you need the right knowledge and understand it.

Most relationships that collapse today is as a result of something hidden from the start, and you must understand that even the collapse of some relationships is not because of the enormity of what was hidden or how grievous what one was not transparent about. The major issue with not being transparent is the death of trust that comes when revelation is made. Distrust is like oil on the surface of a relationship, it makes it slippery and difficult to cleave to each other.

Whatever you fail to understand, you will abuse and whatever you abuse, you will eventually cause it to malfunction or fail to deliver the purpose it really exists for.
You can’t apply any instruction to life’s situations until it is backed up with understanding.
Your peace is at the mercy of your understanding, the more you understand, the more sustainable your peace will be.
You gain control and peace when you have an understanding concerning a product and you evidently avoid abusing that product, the same goes for our relationships.
Who you bring into your relationship as a friend matters, who you introduce to your partner as someone to be trusted matters, not everyone that ask deserves to know, not everyone that tells you their secret deserves to know your secret, there is no law or obligation that says you must share secrets with those who tell you their secrets.

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