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Monday, October 9, 2017

Book Review by Lorilyn Roberts of "Prepare to Meet Your Maker" by Pearl Nsuah-Kumi

If you are wondering how to become a Christian, "Prepare to Meet Your Maker" tells you exactly what you need to do to become one, as well as how to live the Christian life afterwards. I loved the succinctness of the book, all the Scripture references, and that every page is totally Biblical. There is a heaven and a hell, and every person who has ever lived will go to one of these two destinations. 

Points stressed include:  

The urgency of this decision - no one knows how long we have this side of eternity. 

Once you die, your decision is irreversible.

The love and holiness of Jesus.

God's judgment for those who don't turn to Jesus.

Free will.

It is pointless and needless to perish.

I highly recommend this book to unbelievers and believers alike. It can be read and one sitting, and is a great addition to your Kindle library.

To learn more about Prepare to Meet Your Maker or purchase, visit Amazon by clicking on this link.

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