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Friday, October 6, 2017

Book Review by Lorilyn Roberts - "Living & Breathing the Psalms" by Jim Edwards

After a year-long battle with cancer, I have found this book to be a great encouragement. Jim brings alive the true meaning of Psalms - to lift us above our circumstances, to show that God's love surpasses our most difficult trials, and that with Jesus, we are never alone. God is with us, and we can trust Him in our pain.

Each page is filled with encouragement, written in a style that anyone can understand as the Holy Spirit shouts praises and affirmations of God's unfailing love.

I have to admit, at times I haven't felt like praising God this last year, but "Living & Breathing the Psalms" reminds me that human feelings can be overcome and transformed into the worship of King Jesus. 

if you are hurting, reading "Living & Breathing the Psalms" will renew your mind. 

God hears our cries when we give Him our struggles.  I found this book to be a great encouragement,  prompting me to be more thankful. It helped me to keep my eyes on my Redeemer. Sometimes we need to be reminded, God is greater than our suffering, and He is able to do far more than we ask. 

If you enjoy reading the Psalms, you will enjoy this modern-day praised-filled rendition. Soak in a little each day, and be filled with God's joy.



  1. The book of Psalms is such a powerful book for comfort and spiritual warfare. It is a book that will help you discover your identity through the eyes of God. It will give you a clear understanding of the character and attributes of God, His will and His unending unconditional love for humanity. You will also experience wisdom and knowledge from God.

    Firstly, I really enjoyed this version of the book of psalms rewritten in a more contemporary version by Jim Edwards. Actually, I never really took time to study the book of psalms. This version was toppled by a good sense of humour and unconditional love free from the works of self righteousness. The reader is encouraged to give all glory, praise and worship unto God. The book helped me to reflect on the difficult circumstances we are going through in this world. The spiritual battle between good and evil. I reflected on the ffamous bible character "Job", terrorists attacks, hurricanes and the perfect beauty of everything God has created.

    Jim seems to have deepen His relationship with God. I felt His maturity in the knowledge and wisdom of God. He could have never rewritten the psalms without a deep knowledge of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    Throughout His book, I felt that Jim Edwards believed, understood and lived by the psalms. This reading gave me a deep sense of the love of God without any condemnation. I discovered in a much deeper way the everlasting forgiveness, goodness and love of God. It was so wonderful to discover that God is for His beloved children and not against them. The kingdom of God is more powerful than the kingdom of darkness. We shouldn't fear life but have this certainty that God works all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose.

    To conclude, I also enjoyed finding how the author, Jim Edwards, experienced the psalms in a more practical way. I experienced more of the love of God. It is also very helpful how Jim relates His challenges and breakthroughs throughout the book. I strongly recommend you reading this amazing rewritten version of psalms which is very easy to read. You will be encouraged and discover in a much deeper way a powerful ]creator, the righteousness and grace of God through Jesus Christ.

    Be blessed.

  2. Thank you Lorilyn and Sana for your so precious reviews of Living and Breathing the Psalms. Can anyone ask for more from a book than that it really helps people draw near to our Wonderful Heavenly Father, as they walk through seriously tough and challenging times in their lives. Thank You Holy Spirit!

    That it reveals more of His Precious love and heart for us - bringing His healing life and hope to those deep inner recesses of the heart - oh Thank YOU Jesus -
    thank You that this is Your heart.

    The Psalms covers so many aspects of the human condition, I only hope I have done them justice. I use this regularly myself - first thing in the morning and last thing at night, to draw close to Him. I'm so glad He prompted me to write it! I benefited hugely in the writing, and even more day by day!

    At a very practical level - the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon covers the first 18 Psalms so you can get a good feel of my take - and enjoy, directly.