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Friday, January 20, 2017

Jim Baton and A Violent Light

A Violent Light (Peace Trilogy #3)

A Violent Light, Peace Trilogy, Book #3
Jim Baton


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About the Book
The Youth For Peace Fresh Start Initiative gathers ten Muslim and ten Christian youth from ten nations around the world to learn new paths to peace. But the camp staff have some highly unorthodox teaching techniques. And when one by one the youth start disappearing, some of them wonder if the staff might not have an entirely different agenda. Those left behind must work together to solve the mystery before they also disappear. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, the entire world is watching... 

Lisa's Review
It’s an international peace conference gone horribly wrong. Young adults who have shown initiatives in peace ventures in their communities, who are actively involved in promoting peace, reconciliation, and acceptance of Christian and Muslim cultures living side by side have been invited to the United States to share with each other and learn new methods of reaching out. Most of them don’t realize how far they have to go until they are forced to unite in order to survive.

A Violent Light is the third book in a series, however each of the books is capable of standing on its own. I read the second book before the first, and while the author follows the story of Sari, a young Indonesian Christian, it’s not crucial to know what goes on before. While the characters are well planned, as in most thrillers the story is plot-driven with events that propel the reader to turn pages, cringe, and cheer. And pray. A lot. This story is unfortunately too real, told by someone who has experienced these issues. On one hand, I can’t believe humanity can overcome our differences; on the other, Baton’s dream of rising above our sinful natures is mine, too. I can hurt for those who are stuck in mental illness because I know being earthbound is only temporary and I long for the better country.

I read fiction mostly for entertainment. I’m not honestly certain that I would have picked up this book on a whim, but the author’s background as a missionary in Indonesia makes the first and second stories pop. While it’s necessary for the evil in this third book set in the US to be somewhat cliché, the author has also shown an understanding of the difference between shock value and those who truly believe they are on the right hand of God and will murder to prove it. I still call such skewed devotion mental illness. Stellar writing is important to me, and this author has done another excellent work.

Those who love controversy, action, gruesome realities, and a good mystery thrill ride with action jumping between scenes will like Baton’s books. They are a true torn from the headlines look at the world today, and with A Violent Light, at America and its rotten layer of racism and biblical misinterpretation that must be overcome by the true power of dignity and self-sacrifice and love.

About the Author
JIM BATON has spent the last 20 years in the world’s largest Muslim nation, building bridges between Muslims and Christians who both desire peace. His speaking and writing call people out of fear and into authentic friendships that can change the world.

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