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Friday, January 27, 2017

A Life Transformed by Sana Edoja

Sana Edoja says, "It took me more than twelve years to finish writing my book A Life Transformed. Actually, I started writing it before my son was born. He is eleven years old today. I didn't understand why I added more writing and editing for all those years. God taught me perseverance in receiving emotional healing through those years. I had to get my emotional turmoil out of my system by sharing it with the world. It was therapeutic in revealing the power of God's transformation in my life."

About the Book:  
This book will give you a clear understanding of how God has revealed His Son, Jesus, to me, an imperfect human being. God took me from the mud, cleansed me and restored me to a place of significance.

"I was troubled by a traumatic childhood, a victim of child abuse and bullying. I often felt depressed, humiliated and resentful. I turned to fortune tellers. I found myself caught up in negative thoughts. But it was only when I turned to God that I was able to experience feelings of hope. A Life Transformed is a testimony to the work of God in restoring one person’s life. Be challenged in learning what God can do in the midst of despair."

Read more about Sana and her books on her website.

Released July, 2016

99 cents on Kindle
$7.45 paperback, 178 pp.
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