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Friday, August 19, 2016

Cuban Christian Reflections

The Lighthouse of Asaph
Roberto Ornan Roche

The Lighthouse of Asaph: Unforgettable Christian Reflections

Every year, with the arrival of terrible and threatening hurricanes to the Caribbean, I lose both sleep and joy, fearing that the strong winds might destroy the trees that my father planted almost forty years ago. Already some have been blown down, but others remain, and these trees are among my fondest memories of him. I can recall many occasions when my mother and I were by the door, praying, while the destructive winds outside continued to roar.

When I think of such things, I feel that our faith is like those trees, nurtured by other people. At the same time, new trees are starting to grow, like fresh ideals and good deeds, and perhaps some of these spring up from the seeds that have been stored in those old, demolished trees.

The most important thing in my book is always to discover a new way to rescue faith in the midst of the pain that exists all around.

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Review by Lisa Lickel
It’s refreshing and energizing to read about the development of a faith life from a different perspective, one that comes from a different culture in another arena. I am too comfortable in my lifestyle and I need to step outside that zone on occasion to truly appreciate what I have been given.

Roche’s joy, fear, and desire to grow and practice his faith glow from the pages. Told through anecdotes, personal revelation, stories of meeting people on the streets where they are, and reflections on Bible verses and stories, such as that of Job (Our Job does not have a story to be told because we spend all day long rejecting it.), The Lighthouse of Asaph will give Christian readers pause. Am I living to my potential where I am, here and now? Roche will help you answer that question as you walk with him in his life as a Cuban Christian living in a land that long despaired yet retained pockets of joy.

Roberto Ornan RocheAbout the Author

Roberto Ornan Roche, a Christian writer from Cuba, is an internationally recognized author with stories published in English and Spanish. His book, A Lighthouse of Asaph, is a story collection capturing the emotions and longings of a Cuban heart. The stories were written in an attempt to reconcile the author’s life of faith with a society that discourages it. Born out of fear and sadness, sadness from praying for dreams that were never realized, A Lighthouse of Asaph is a book to encourage you and help you find meaning in your circumstances.

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