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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amazon Book Review of "Wicked Disregard" by Barbara Ann Derksen, Book 3 in the Finder's Keepers Mystery

Wicked Disregard, written by Barbara Ann Derksen, is book 3 in the Finder's Keepers Mystery. 

Christine's parents were murdered at the age of 5. At that time she went to live with her aunt and uncle in Texas and her name was changed. She is now back in Winnipeg, working as an investigator specializing in finding missing children, along with her service dog Chief. 

In this story she goes back to her father's company and meets the people in charge and has to make the decision if she will take over the company. She also is having her parents home remodeled to move “back home”. 

She rents office space from Jeremy Goodman, whom her uncle hired to watch out for her and the son of her attorney. Someone has put a hit on Christine and she gets shot and hospitalized. 

As this is happening it is revealed that the case she is working on, and the one Jeremy is working on, are connected. Together they work on the case to find out who wants her dead and who is running the child prostitution ring.

Jeremy and his father are very important people in her life and have strong Christian faith. While in the hospital, Jeremy helps Christine accept the Lord and he offers to help her with her Christian walk.

I really like this book. I wish I had known it was the third in the series when I decided to read it. But the author does a good job of filling in so it was a good stand alone book as well. 

There is a lot of suspense throughout the entire story. The topic of child pornography is not a pleasant one. But the book does not go into deep detail and with all the other things taking place in the story it is easy to get wrapped up in it. I found it hard to put the book down it was so good! 

I like that it is a Christian story. However, it is done in such a way it would not offend anyone.

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