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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wakulla Book Review: The Newspaper Code by Lisa J. Lickel

Summary: Judy Wingate is a new mom and hot on the trail in an attempt to solve the murder of Esme Espe Along the way she learns lessons of forgiveness and becomes BFF with Olivia Hargrove again. Judy accuses Olivia’s future husband Adam Ray of being a murderer, only to discover that he’s a hero waiting to be acknowledged.

The School’s fifth and sixth grades classrooms are condemned and must be held across town in the high school’s library. Judy handles all this while being a devoted mother and wife.

Purpose: To create a good, clean Christian mystery and suspense novel

Themes: 1. Forgiveness, 2. Love of others, 3. Family reconciliation, 4. Treasure hunt, 5. Handling disappointment

Thesis: Things aren’t always what they seem; never accuse someone until you’re 100% sure

Great story I really love reading Mrs. Lickel’s books.

A Wakulla Book Review by Booker T. 


Each WEEK (usually on Tuesday), we are posting reviews from 
Wakulla Correctional inmates of John 3:16 books. 

Inmates are loving the new books from John 3:16 authors. 
Chaplain Steve Fox is adding the new books to the prison library in this initiative to "change lives to ensure a safer Florida."

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