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Monday, April 11, 2016

Chris Lind and TrueSearch

Welcome to YOUR Christian Search Engine.

About TrueSearch: is a search engine that encourages the Christian community to search for and support Christian websites, businesses, and churches by offering free advertising in exchange for website submissions. As long as it is family appropriate, the ad or message can be anything you like and can be changed as often as you like. Feel free to promote the books you author, a church, your business, a local event, or simply leave a pleasant message to brighten everyone's day. 

The way your ad or message gets displayed to website visitors is by submitting websites to TrueSearch for inclusion in search results. If you submit websites related to the subject of "Knights and Chivalry" then your message will display whenever a website visitor searches for, say, "armor" or "Knights of the Round Table." Your ad or message will display only for words that are found in the websites you submit, and only in the search results of the specific websites you submit.

The goal is to foster a "win-win" mentality within the Christian community, the idea being that if you have a book on vegetarian cooking, it is OK to submit other people's websites related to this topic for inclusion in search results, because your own book will be promoted in the process.

Feel free to submit websites to TrueSearch that are totally unrelated to your book or business. Future versions of TrueSearch will allow people to trade website submissions, allowing for increased mobility and better placement of the free ads and messages in the available search result "real estate" space. Also, the more websites you submit to TrueSearch, the more likely your own ad or message will be seen, and the more useful TrueSearch will become as a search please feel free to submit as many websites as you like!

About Chris:
Chris Lind is the creator of TrueSearch and the storybook character, Bit the Bot. He and his wife homeschool their 3 children, all under the age of 5. They keep Chris and his wife on their toes.

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