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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wakulla Book Review: A Tumbled Stone, by Marcia Lee Laycock

This book starts off where One Smooth Stone left off. 

Alex and Kennie, his wife, are searching for the sister he saw in a picture that was taken 19 years ago. 

Alex turns to the detective who had found him, Stan Sorenson, for help. 

It will test everybody’s faith and trust. It will show that no matter what wrongs you have done and how long it has been, that God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness are just a prayer away.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and have recommended it to others.

A Wakulla Book Review by Paul.


I want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

Each WEEK (usually on Tuesday), we are posting reviews from 
Wakulla Correctional inmates of John 3:16 books. 

Inmates are loving the new books from John 3:16 authors. 
Chaplain Steve Fox is adding the new books to the prison library in this initiative to "change lives to ensure a safer Florida."

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