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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wakulla Book Review: Children of Dreams by Lorilyn Roberts

Winston Churchill's famous quote of World War II "We will never give up" appears to be the standard of how Ms. Roberts lives her life. 

Children of Dreams is a book of nonfiction that follows the author's dream of becoming a mother. What she has to go through to fulfill her dreams is an inspiring story of courage, determination, and faith when confronted with the many obstacles along this journey. 

We get a glimpse into the author's past and her struggles to come to terms with divorce, being unable to bare children, and herself. During this time of searching, she turns to risk‑taking activities, such as traveling to areas of the world known for unrest and extreme sports ‑ downhill skiing and scuba diving, calculated dangers, yes, but still risk is involved. 

The uncertainty of traveling by yourself to Nepal, man or woman ‑ this time the risk was worth it. To become a mother to give another human in need a fresh start in life. With all the adventures, the Western world has to offer. 

So much we take for granted, clean water, education, toilet paper [read the book], three meals a day, and much more. 

It's not enough she does this once. She does it a second time with a new set of obstacles to overcome. Again, she is guided by her faith in God. It's a lesson we can all learn from. I know I did. 

Wakulla Book Review by Christopher.


I want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

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