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Friday, November 27, 2015

Fit For Faith series

John 316 Marketing Network author Kimberley Payne 
offers four new workbooks.

These short books are encouragement, facts, and guidance for your life. How do we keep our bodies in shape--why should we? And how does this mesh with our spiritual side? Find out with this series.

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Fit for Prayer (40 pages)

Learn how to fit prayer and physical activity into your daily routine. The book unites physical health and spiritual health to help you lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God.

Lisa's review: Learn how to fit prayer and physical activity into your physical routine

The author shares about what cardiovascular exercise and strength training do for building a strong body, and links it to prayer life building spiritual strength. The author encourages readers to develop a discipline of strength and cardiovascular training in the same way as training our prayer life to build a good quality of health and mood that is pleasing to the Lord.

Taking Scripture from I Corinthians 3:16, the author reminds us that our bodies are the Lord’s temple in which His Spirit dwells. As with her books in the Fit for Faith series, we are shown what both exercise and prayer are and what they are not, as well as the benefits of both.

Exercise is not difficult, painful, or something that must involve going to a gym. Benefits include maintaining a healthy weight and uplifted mood. A series of strategies such as take time in small chunks, have fun, track your progress, and team up with friends or family may breathe new life into your routine. The books in this Fit for Faith series are also workbooks and have space for goal-setting and managing accomplishments. A list of many different types of exercises is included along with ideas for being specific about your goals.

Building your prayer life is like strength-training for your spirit.
From Philippians 4:6 we are reminded that setting our prayers before God results in a transcending peace. Prayer is not a one-time emergency call-out or something for spiritually mature folks who only talk to God in church. The author tells us that prayer is spending time both talking and listening to God, and a time of physical and emotional rest.

I have followed several types of acronyms for prayer, but the author introduces a new one to me: PATH – praise, admit, thank, help – to remind readers to be balanced in our time with God.

As with all the books in this series, there is a worksheet for reflection and personal goal-setting, lots of encouragement, and some great ideas for an action plan that works for each reader.

Food for Thought (30 pages)

Find out how to nourish your body and spirit through healthy eating and Bible study. Just as eating healthy foods nourishes your body, Bible study nourishes your spirit. You will learn practical suggestions and scriptural guidance to achieve your goals.

Lisa's review: 
Find out how to nourish your body and spirit through healthy eating and Bible study.

Gain insight into incorporating healthy eating and reading time into your daily routine.
The author shares the similarities between feeding your body and soul with the ultimate goal of honoring and pleasing God.

Using Scripture from Genesis 1:29, the author shows the reader that God ordained eating. Eating does not have to be an elaborate and time-consuming complicated ritual. Chapter two contains fourteen easy strategies to help vary and teach your mind and body about ways to eat healthy; ideas such as not eating the same food within four days and giving your brain twenty minutes to catch up with your full stomach, drinking plenty of water and keeping a food diary.

This book in the author’s Fit for Faith series on being fit and healthy also includes gentle information in a non-threatening or overwhelming manner and space to personalize your goals. As with her other books, two, this Canadian author combines body and spirit; in this case, Bible reading. We are reminded that the Bible is not one big clunky boring book, and as with eating, moderation and consistency are good keys. Chapters five and six are strategies and personalized goal planning for incorporating spiritual nourishment into our day.

A quiz, action plan, and page of encouragement are included. As the author says, “Don’t just endure life, enjoy it!”

Flex your Spirit (28 pages)

Discover a new way to express yourself with God through journal writing and stretching. Learn how to recharge your physical and emotional health through stretching activities for your body and spirit. 
Lisa's review: Part of the Fit for Faith series, this small book is for physical and spiritual health to help develop a deeper relationship with God, lose weight and develop healthier eating habits through stretching exercises and journaling.

Using scripture from I Timothy 4:8, the author lays out the guiding principle behind staying healthy for added energy and for honoring God.

The author lets us know that stretching exercise is not the same as warming up before a series of strenuous exercises, that it’s a good regimen to keep our muscles in shape, especially if we have sedentary work or lifestyles. The benefits of these exercises are numerous and reduce stress and risk of injury.

The book includes reminders to make sure you’re cleared by your doctor to do a physical routine, as well as space to write down personal goals. While the authors offers advice about flexing your muscles, there is no specific exercises to practice. This is a guide for encouragement, not a “how to” book.

The author combines flexing your physical body with your spiritual self. Keeping a journal helps keep us on task by being honest and real, and is a good outlet for our feelings, goals and prayers. There are also write-in spaces for journal-writing goals.

JumpStart by Kimberley Payne

JumpStart - A Catalyst to Launch you into a Daily Spiritual & Physical Health Routine (25 pages)

Do you need a little push with your spiritual & physical fitness? A jump start to get you going again? Something that'll get you back into the routine of making healthy choices a habit? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the JumpStart Challenge is for you! JumpStart provides a daily prayer, a scripture verse, an exercise challenge, and a healthy eating challenge.

 Lisa's review: A Catalyst to Launch You into a Daily Physical and Spiritual Health Routine

JumpStart is based on the BEEP Model (B—Bible Study, E—Eating Healthy, E—Exercise, and P—Prayer). My hope is that you will get into the habit of taking small steps every day to improve both your spiritual and physical health. 
JumpStart is a 2-week program, Monday to Friday

This book is a little different from the others in the Fit For Faith series which contain encouragement, explanation, personal goal-setting and strategy advice. It is a daily, specific program covering ten days, hopefully long enough to create a routine to fit into your lifestyle. The author offers a daily Scripture to meditate on, advice for a healthy eating habit, a specific exercise with a how-to, and a fill-in-the-blank PATH prayer model (praise, admit, thank, help).

In encouraging readers to continue the routine and support each other, the author offers a Facebook group, Pinterest page, an online registered challenge (free of charge).

Recommended for those who need a kick and a plan of attack to get into a routine of beneficial spiritual and physical daily exercise that fits your personal lifestyle.

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