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Friday, October 23, 2015

Another Great Mystery Novel by Christian author and speaker, Dana Rongione

My Fears Relieved:  A Delaware Detectives Mystery
Book Three is now available!

About the book:  
It all began with a pocket knife which led to a mysterious inscription which led to a wolf. But there are no wolves in Delaware...or are there? It's up to the Delaware Detectives to find out.
·       In book one, Abby and Jamie, along with their friends Scott and Phyllis, followed a trail of tantalizing clues to uncover a hidden fortune.
·       In book two, the curious siblings embarked on a nearly-impossible mission to find a missing man.
·       Book three thrusts the detective team into a new mystery they are determined to solve no matter where the clues may lead. But are the kids prepared to discover what's really lurking in the woods of Beaver Valley?

While this book is appropriate for readers of all ages, gender and educational status, it was designed with the homeschool student in mind. To that end, the book contains a Glossary of Terms that can be used in the subject of Spelling and Vocabulary. The author has also included a Science Center, a History Hideout and a special Art Academy—all of which provide valuable insight and activities based on information from within the story itself. Could this be the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum?

For the entire month of October, your can pick up a Kindle copy of My Fears Relieved
for only 99 cents.  Haven't read the rest of the series?  No problem. 
They're all on sale this month only!  Click here for more information.

About the author:
Dana Rongione is a Christian author and speaker living in Greenville, SC with her husband, Jason, and her two spoiled dogs, Tippy and Mitchell.

For a living, she writes quality Christian books for audiences of all ages and speaks to women on a variety of inspirational and encouraging topics. For fun, Dana devours more books than she does chocolate (though not by much).  She also enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and spending time with her family.

To find out more about Dana and her ministry, visit her website at  

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