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Friday, March 27, 2015

Book Review: Only One Way Home by Deborah Heal

Only One Way Home - Fun, Romantic, Unique!

Author: Deborah Heal

Published: January 2015
Kindle $4.99
Print $10.99
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Reviewer: Cheryl Colwell
My Review:
Deborah Heal continues to amaze me with her creative stories and passion for historical research.
"Only One Way Home" is the second book in this delightful series, but it's not fluff.

Professor Merrideth Randall is researching her client's genealogy, but that search drops the reader in the middle of the Cherokee Nation's Trail of Tears. Heal's dramatization held me spellbound and left me feeling grief and relief at the same time. If you love inspirational romance, history, and mystery, don't miss this series. 
Professor Merrideth Randall’s latest after-hours genealogy consulting gig takes her and friends Abby and John to the small southern Illinois town of Golconda on the Ohio River.

She expects to have to research the old-fashioned way at the courthouse. But thankfully, her client’s ancestor Matthias Frailey once hung out in Golconda’s ancient Ferry House inn, and that means Beautiful Houses, Merrideth’s time-rewinding software, will work after all.

I was given a copy of this book to read. The opinion express is my own.

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