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Friday, October 21, 2011

Promoting Your Book at New Christian Books

Learn more about marketing your books online through the New Christian Books community. Run by John 3:16 Author Marketing Network member Cheryl Rogers, New Christian Books is an online magazine and store dedicated to help Christian authors.

"I developed the magazine earlier this year to accommodate reciprocal blogging arrangements with fellow John 3:16 members," says Cheryl. "The magazine has expanded from book announcements and excerpts to product listings."

The magazine features regular author marketing news, a Bible column, and digital book news, plus news about the latest new books. The New Christian Books Online Store features kingdom-building books, plus Scripture posters and Scripture songs.

It is free to join the community and post new book announcements, excerpts and product listings. Part of the package is an affiliate program to help sell members' books, Cheryl says.

The affiliate program, which is also free to join, includes online sales tools members can place on their blogs and websites. The tools include banners, text ads, text links and the oh-so-cool page peels that entice readers to click on an ad.

"These tools are easy to use online where ever you have the right to place html code," Cheryl says.

The site offers authors four opportunities to directly promote their books: pre-release announcement, post-release announcement, book excerpt, and product offering. Authors can promote their name and brand by posting comments on the site.

Cheryl is dedicated to maintaining a free service for authors with a God-given message who may feel shut out of other retail outlets. There are no setup or registration fees, no maintenance fees, and no storage fees. The site will generate revenue by taking a percentage of sales, advertising, and by providing optional services. Authors can sell digital and print books, but must have the right to enter into sales agreements. Authors agree to drop ship print books; digital books will be available for instant downloading by customers.

Visit the magazine.


  1. I love the idea of a literary magazine. I think this is needed.

    The idea has to be to get the magazine out to as many readers as possible. I will post a link to the magazine around.

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  3. I have 5 books selling on Amazon and want to reach a wider audience.Please let me know how I can do this

  4. I have my first book in Lulu and soon to be in different ebook platforms, but I don't know how to promote it. This book is a compilation of bible verses for different spiritual and emotional needs.

  5. I have a book called "Love Above All" selling on Amazon. Very personal about the way God revealed his love to me.

  6. My mom is a prophetic author she wrote a amazing book or book(s) prophecy of the white rider and the Armageddon God has touched my life through these books you can find them on nook book or Amazon

    Her pen name is c l Thomas

  7. An online Christian magazine is a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

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