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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Job!

Congratulations to the Lincoln's on the launch of their book I'M A KEEPER. I know it constituted hours and hours and hours (did I say HOURS?) of work and hopefully it paid off. They gave us a wonderful model and some great 'how-to' examples in everything from organization to networking. The question now remains for the rest of us who are part of this network - are we willing to put in this same kind of effort in order to launch our own books?

I am not sure I have that same kind of know-how, author base, or time. However, I would be willing to try something on a smaller scale, perhaps. The re-release of my novel AND THE BEAT GOES ON as a paperback is eminent, and my second novel MY MOTHER THE MAN EATER is due to release before Christmas. Neither of the dates are firm yet, but rest assured I will be calling on all my good friends at John 3:16 when that time comes. Blessings!

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  1. Hey Tracey, If you want- I can help out with your new book and I'm also going to post the review I did on your book The Beat goes on , on this site :)