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Saturday, October 16, 2010

And The Beat Goes On : An Edgy Christian Novel.

Review - And The Beat Goes On - Tracy. L. Kraus - 2009

An Archaeologist is always an occupation that I have thought to be interesting and intriguing ,imagine digging through the earth to uncover amazing artifacts, relics of history. However, you would need to have a love of dirt to thoroughly enjoy the occupation and a love of being out in the heat as sometimes the digs can take hours , though it would be an easy way to get a nice tan. Whenever I see the words Archaeologist , it reminds me of the quote from the Mummy Movie "I may not be an Adventurer , I may not be an Archaeologist , but I'm a Librarian"- I love this and am going to get it printed on a Tshirt eventually due to being a librarian myself.
Whilst digging in the mountains of Zimbabwe in Africa , Canadian Archaeologist Mark Graham finds a set of bones that he believes are in fact dinosaur bones more to the point "fossilised remains of the Pterodactyls". However hoping to uncover more dinosaur bones , Mark and his team are surprised that in fact they have found what closely resembles gigantic human remains - bones of course.
As the story gets on , the bones are soon to be speculated as being those of a Nephilim , a pre-flood race of people whom were supposed to be descended from both Gods and Men ,like those on the movie Percy Jackson and Fallen starring the cute Paul Wesley aka Stefan from The Vampire Diaries.
Due to the Archaeologist's teams skepticism , they find that their dig site has been sabotaged which results in both their discoveries and lives in danger.
We read as Mark must discover who is at the bottom of this and figure out a way to safeguard his findings and even more his reputation in order to protect the bones and help back up evidence to solve the mystery behind the Nephilim.
Reviewed by Paula Phillips
ARC recieved from Tracy Kraus.


  1. Imagine my surprise when I saw this unsolicited review posted here! Thanks, Paula!

  2. Hey Tracey,
    I thought that since you previously posted on the site , that Id put up the review I had done months earlier of your book as a different following :)

  3. Tracy, when is your book launch? We want to let people know.