Friday, March 13, 2015

John 3:16 Book Review: Once Again, by Deborah Heal

Once Again 

Romance, Mystery, and History Combine for a Delightful Read

Author: Deborah Heal

Published January 2014
$ 3.99 Kindle
$10.99 Paperback
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Reviewer: Cheryl Colwell

A history teacher at McKendree College, Merrideth Randall is fascinated with historical events that occurred nearby. Though resisting the handsome Brett Garrison’s pursuit, she finds herself entangled because of the genealogical research she is doing on his family.

The delightful twist Deborah Heal has added to this series is a mysterious computer program that allows Merrideth to virtually visit the past and learn facts lost long ago, facts she cannot substantiate. I enjoyed the varied characters, fascinating history and secrets that were unearthed. A great read that I presume will fully conclude in the next book!

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