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Friday, July 6, 2018

Centrifugal Force by Lisa Lickel

December, 2017
Fox Ridge Publications

Barnes and Noble

Review by Carol A Brown, John 316 Marketing Network Member

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Centrifugal Force! The story slides through several genres. There is so much in it—family relationships, reconciliation, consequences, suspense, and romance—all set in an academic setting, mostly! The story is filled with twists and turns and keeps you reading well past bedtime!

Plot: Author Lickel describes it thusly: In the turmoil of 2011, an American college administrator and a German socio-economics expert attempt to rectify the past to save their children and preserve the fragile world in crisis. Rachel Michels made a poor choice, which resulted in her biggest blessing, her daughter, Maeve. When the father of that blessing returns decades later, she knows he wants something she’d taken from him. Rachel has lived in near seclusion and mistrust, fearful of losing the one person who’s kept her life from coming unglued.

Professor Gervas Friedemann returns to Wisconsin, seeking a missing ancient artifact, along with help for his oldest daughter who is suffering from a rare genetic blood disorder. With the European Union at stake, blackmail could negatively impact a crucial vote in the German Parliament unless Gervas recovers an irreplaceable relic he left in the United States on a lecture tour a lifetime ago. He knows who took the piece of history he once flaunted—the woman who had stolen his soul. He only hopes she still has the ring.  

Characters are very believable—the kind of folk we all know—driven by fear, ambition, loyalty (sometimes misguided), etc. We live and work with these people.

Writing Craft – Lickel does a superb job. Her writing draws a person into the story without drawing attention to itself.  Her language creates pictures and evokes emotion. And her sense of story structure is spot on! The writing itself is free of typos and grammatical mix-ups, which I very much appreciate.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely, to all lovers of a good read!  5 stars

Note: A number of supporting information links about material in the book, such as Fanconi Syndrome, Etruscan Jewelry, and links to Germany can be found on the author's website book page.

About Carol A Brown
Carol BrownCarol has a B.A. in Anthropology and Languages from Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota, and elementary education teaching certification from Boise State College, Boise, Idaho.  She received her M.A. in College Instruction with special emphasis in English as a Second Language from Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA.  She taught English language for foreign students at North Idaho Jr. College where she was also the foreign student advisor. She has also held teaching posts at Gonzaga University, and Whitworth College.  In addition, Carol also served for six years as Education Director for Elijah House Ministries, Post Falls, ID. As representatives of Elijah House, she and David ministered in Australia, Germany, Finland, and extensively across the U.S.  Later, they spent 8 years in Victoria, B.C. where David supervised the internship program for Elijah House Canada.  It was in Canada that Carol began writing as a ministry. She was written a number of books, including the popular, Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity, which has been translated into four languages. She is also the author of the Sassy Pants Learns series, in which she distills some of the more mysterious truths of life into the language of children. Find more at her website and Amazon Author page.

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