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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review by Carol A. Brown of Seventh Dimension - The Prescience, Hang on for the Read

I have read and enjoyed each book in this series as they have been released and I have to say that this one is the best of the series! Roberts has hit her stride as an author. Each story builds on the one before. Although each can be read as a stand-alone, the reader could experience some confusion due to not having details from preceding stories. In this story, we get to know Daniel, who has played more of a supporting role in other books. It takes us ever closer to the end of time. It is clearly a Christian take on how history will end.

Daniel and Shale are in Jerusalem in their quest to find Daniel’s father who is somehow connected with the "portals" that make time travel possible. Bombs falling everywhere. They become guardians of an orphan girl. Daniel’s mother dies. While betrothed, Shale longs to be married but events keep happening that prevent even the planning of a wedding. Daniel comes to understand his calling—one of 144,000 witnesses who will die by martyrdom! Perhaps we will find in the next in the series how that works out for Shale? Fast-paced action—a 21st-century man chariot racing?—keeps the reader engaged from the first page.

Writing craft—Author, Roberts, has done her homework.

• The information of the culture (social and religious) at the time of Christ is very well researched, very thorough.
• Well edited. The reader is not distracted by technical errors.
• Excellent and intricate plotting. I can only imagine what the author’s office looked like during this process! No “slow” places in the story.
• Excellent weaving of multiple genres.
• Characters have grown and matured as individuals. Excellent development of the series.

I appreciated how Roberts has been able to extract a storyline from the plethora of details in the body of work on eschatology. The sheer volume overwhelms me.

Highly recommend this book. Although written for the YA audience, anyone who enjoys a fast-paced story with a bent for the supernatural, and just the right amount of romance, would enjoy this story regardless of age.

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