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Friday, December 8, 2017

Book Review for Carol Round Grow Confidently in Your Faith devotional

Growing Confidently in Your Faith
A lifelong journey to becoming more like Jesus
Carol Round

c. 2017
ISBN-13: 9781975751487
$12.95 Print

52-week Devotional Workbook

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About the Book
This 52-week devotional, organized by month and theme, is designed to be used with a journal. Each Monday, you will find a devotional followed by questions for reflection. I suggest you read the devotional on Monday and scan the questions at the end. On the following days, work at your own pace, continuing to reflect on the questions and journaling your answers. You may need to reread that week’s devotional before answering the questions. You can complete the questions in one sitting or spread them out over the week. The choice is yours.

Lisa Lickel’s review
This interactive devotional works more like a study guide. The author takes you through a year-long commitment designed to show the reader that be a Christian is more than a name, more than church going, even more than a lifestyle. Growing in Christian faith is never finished. It is an ongoing process filled with reflection and wonder and joy and grief with every breath.

The book is divided by month with catchy titles such as Renew, Recommit, Rejoice in January; Feed, Focus, Flourish in July, or Eliminate, Enlist, Enrich in August. For each week in the month, Round focuses on a passage of Scripture and offers a reflection. She challenges the reader to seek out a unique way to stretch and grow our faith, with Follow Through statements and questions according to the monthly theme. Round offers personal reflection, examples, and demonstrations to encourage readers to continue to live more Christ-like.

Keep a notebook handy and commit to spending a few moments every day with this book. After a year, growing in faith will surely become a habit. Good gift!

About the Author
CAROL ROUND, self-syndicated columnist, Christian author and inspirational speaker, began her journey with the Lord in October 2001 when she admitted her need for His guidance. Since that time, she has sought a deeper relationship with Him through reading scripture, Bible study and the personal discipline of keeping a daily prayer journal.

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