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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Excerpt of "Poetry from God" by Joseph F. Harlin

Lord you see and know my heart 
Willing to be your perfect vessel 
But every time I try to do right 
My mind begins to wrestle. 

I'm blinded by my weaknesses 
In sin I'm entangled 
I can't breathe in your presence 
Because my spirit has been strangled 

It's hard to see any hope from the way my life is angled 
My knees shake in weakness 
My spirit is just not steady 
So while I try to get things right 
Lord cover me till I'm ready 

By your loving kindness 
I am always drawn 
Can you fill me again 
Though my strength is gone 
I think about my purpose 
From dusk till dawn 

My knees shake in weakness
my spirit is just not steady 
while I try to get things right 
Lord cover me till Im ready. 

My hands are shaking 
My soul is aching 
My life seems to keep crumbling 
My feet are always stumbling 

But it's a process I just can't rush 
So I'll tell my doubting lips to hush 
One day, Satan's head I will crush 
But until then, until my spirit is steady 
Lord hold on to my hand 
And cover me till I'm ready


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Joseph F. Harlin is the author of "Poetry From God" which is a book of Christian poetry and commentaries. In his first book, Joseph writes as he is inspired by God bringing encouragement, enlightenment, and hope to readers. Joseph will be releasing his autobiographical book entitled "Earrings In My Ear" in the near future.

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