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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Prepare to Meet Your Maker by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

Prepare to Meet Your Maker by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi is a 48-page book of articles introducing people of all ages and both genders to the love of God through Jesus! 

All the articles, although titled differently, do the same thing—point to Jesus as the only way to a relationship with God. 

One doesn’t have to read the whole book to understand the gospel; each article does the same thing. Time is not on our side; let’s be diligent in sharing this message. Use this book as a tool to reach many for Jesus! Bless you!


As I (Lorilyn) think about what is happening in the world, I believe Pearl is right. Time is not on our side. How can we not be in the last days? As I think about what that means, all the people who are not believers in Jesus Christ are facing eternal damnation. 

Time is short to share our faith. Jesus died for everyone, the young and old, the rich and poor, the able-bodied and lame, and those who have sinned much and those who have sinned little (all have sinned). We all need a savior. Jesus is the ONLY Way, the ONLY Truth, and the ONLY door to heaven. All others lead to hell. Only Jesus can save you.

This is a short read, 48 pages, and it's only $1.99 on Amazon Kindle, less than a latte at Starbucks.  

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The author gives a very thorough treatise on what each of us can do to have eternal life. She addresses four different groups of people to which everyone falls into one of them. Using the term "grace period," Nsiah-Kumi shares how God has given each person on earth a "grace period" to ask for forgiveness of their sins and seek to have a relationship with the only true God. Once we die, the grace period is over. "Each day that passes brings you closer to the end of your grace period." This is a great "short read" for you to learn how to have eternal life and make that decision today.

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