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Monday, March 28, 2016

Triumphant: Created For Victory Destined For Glory, by Marnie Baker

Triumphant: Created For Victory, Destined For Glory 

How wonderful it is to have a Living, Loving God who profoundly cares for you, and for me. Therefore, because He Is LOVE, and because He Is Care, there is a Hope that is Real, True, and Able which is there for us. With God, we can walk through any situation with a hope that is real and everlasting because He is alive, well, and sitting Forevermore  upon His Mighty Throne.

But God…

Despair like butterfly wings
continuously beats at my heart.

How do I keep the walls from
crumbling down all around me?

Do you see me my Lord; My God, My King?
I stand here struggling trying my best
to hold up four crumbling walls
with only two small hands.

I’m hopeless. I’m helpless.
I’m desolate. I’m pained.
I’m alone.

But God…
Means that Hope Lives.

But God…
Means that Help arrives.

But God…
Means that Love, on Comforting Wings,
comes for me-comes to see me through.
But God…
Means that an intentional Love
surrounds me-is here for me. 

With Jesus by my side,
how magnificent, beautiful,
and sustaining is the phrase But God.

And for that reason
My Help is the Word;
The Word which is God.

God is my Hope. God is my Light.
God is my Strength. God is my Shelter.
God is my Love, and He is always at my side.
So, I will rest in Him because
He is my Strong Tower.
I will place my hope in Him because
He is my Source, my Strength.
I will put my faith in Him because
He is Worthy and True.
I will forever Love Him because
He is my Everything.

My situation does not make Him less God
because He is there for me- Strong and Mighty.
Therefore, I am able to lie in
His Comforting Arms and rest when I need to.

Yes, I may walk through the valley of death,
yet, I will not fear the terrors
because He Lives, and He is with me.

Therefore, what was meant to harm me
must now bow down before Him
to be turned around for my good.
Thank You Lord that there is a But God
for my story, for my soul,
and for my life.
Orphans rescued in Nepal by Jesus


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Author Bio

Marnie Baker daily observes the exquisite Love that God has for each of us which has influenced her decision to write professionally. Triumphant: Created For Victory, Destined For Glory brings home the truth of God’s Love beautifully and powerfully.  She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and is the owner of the Christian book publishing company Asher Yields Publishing. She can be found at her blog and on her Facebook page:

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