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Friday, June 5, 2015

Book Review: How to Train Up & Build Up Your Child by Krystal Kuehn

HOW TO: Train Up & Build Up Your Child - God's Way! By Krystal Kuehn 

Do you want your child to be confident, optimistic, grateful, successful, positive, hopeful, joyful, resilient, secure? 

Do you want to better connect and strengthen your relationship with him/her? 

You can!

Children, tweens, teens, young adults - everyone needs encouragement! Giving children simple, uplifting words of encouragement is a priceless gift from a parent that instills strength and security and builds confidence and faith.

Do you want a fast and effective way to encourage your child?

Parents have a great opportunity to connect with their children like never before. Sending uplifting messages (SMS, IM, note cards, lunch box notes) to let children know they are loved can calm their anxious minds, strengthen their resolve, improve their self-esteem, and change their lives!

Find out how in International, Best-Selling author Krystal Kuehn’s uplifting, character-building, life-changing work: HOW TO Train Up & Build Up Your Child - God’s Way! Over 100 Short Messages & Notes to help you Connect, Encourage & Empower Your Child & Those You Love 

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This short and easy to read collection of personal affirmations gives the reader some excellent suggestions with which to affirm their child or really any loved one in their lives whom they wish to encourage. So many of us are raised in an atmosphere of negativity, sometimes with the best of intentions as was suggested by the author, but leaving us drained of the vitality of life necessary to succeed. This little book will teach the reader how to pick out the good in people and become a true encourager!

L. Shoshana Rhodes, Author
One Lamb Redeemed
(Shoshana Goldberg)
Coming soon: The Quest for the Lost Foundation

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