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Friday, May 15, 2015

John 3:16 Book Review: Highly Sensitive by Carol A. Brown

Highly Sensitive by Carol A. Brown 

July, 2011
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God Created Some People To Be Highly Sensitive 
Discover why you are the way you are and enjoy your gift!!
Highly Sensitive: Understanding Your Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity is a valuable companion piece to Carol Brown's previous book, The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity. This volume not only provides a precise summary of the topics covered in the prequel (true identity, burden bearing, aspects of high sensitivity, healing), but counsels you on the steps and spiritual practices that will help you-the "highly sensitive burden bearer" to shine in your gifting.

Highly Sensitive propels you forward into a healing and maturing process that involves a steep but exhilarating learning curve-well worth the journey.

"This book is in response to many readers asking me, 'Now what? Where do I do from here?'" writes author Carol Brown. Highly Sensitive examines and frankly discusses five growth areas most burden bearers have in common:
  • 1. Having confidence that you hear from God.
  • 2.Trusting God, self, and others.
  • 3. Discerning between burdens and "my own stuff."
  • 4. Making and keeping boundaries.
  • 5. Identity (sense of worth and belonging).
All of the dots are connected through personal testimonies, biblical support, and spiritual insight-you will clearly see God's bigger picture for your life!
This book looks at how empathetic burden bearing affects the individual and how you can recover and repair damage from negative responses to high sensitivity on emotional, spiritual, and psychological levels.

Have you ever wondered why you seem so different from everyone else around you? If so, this book just might be for you! I’ve been a “different-from-the-rest-of-the-pack” intercessor for 30 years, and all I can say is this book puts into concise, easy to understand words the things I’ve had to process all these years without really understanding why! If this sounds like you, too, then I highly recommend this book. Highly Sensitive has the “real stuff” to keep you out of trouble and on the right track! You will enjoy it!

L. Shoshana Rhodes, Author
One Lamb Redeemed
(Shoshana Goldberg)
Coming soon: The Quest for the Lost Foundation

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