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Friday, February 20, 2015

Ivory and Ice by Sandra Julian Barker

Ivory & Ice
by Sandra Julian Barker 

ISBN: 1490413103
June, 2013
e-book $1.99
p-book $9.95

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About the Book:
     Three 6,000 year-old bodies are discovered frozen in a glacier in Austria.
     Where were they going? What were their thoughts on that day so long ago?  When Beth Leyton, a budding anthropologist, discov­ers the answers, they have a surprising affect on her 21st century life. Beth’s personal struggles parallel that of Jaen, a young woman from the ancient past who is on a quest of her own. Jaen is traveling across the mountains, leaving her dear family to join Baarak, the man she loves. What will her new life be like?
      Jaen and Beth live 6,000 years apart — yet the journeys they are each taking are not really so different. Human nature and the needs of men and women over the centuries have changed very little. The same Creator is active in both lives. The ancient past comes alive, mingling with the present as Beth is led to a gripping reality.

A note from Sandra on why she wrote the book:  
“I’m fascinated by the fact that people have changed very little since the beginning in the Garden of Eden. In my story, Jaen from the ancient past, is actually wiser about life and more stable in her relationships than the present-day Beth, who struggles with both. I wanted to present a people that might be only a dozen or so generations removed from the great flood and have religious beliefs that would reflect that. I’m so pleased with the way this story turned out. It truly developed a life of its own as I wrote. All of my books seem to do that.”

About the Author:
Sandra Julian Barker is an award-winning short story and travel writer, and has a story in the best selling, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul. Her first novel, Ivory & Ice, has been followed by four more e-books available on Amazon, with two more books in the pipeline. Sandra's greatest desire, however, is to bring honor and glory to God through the talents He has given her. You can contact her through her inspirational blog at

Also available are:  Deadly Masquerade, The Frenchman, The House (a novelette), and The Stuff ofNightmares: a collection of short stories.

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