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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Here is another way to promote your book and others' books by author Mary Noble Bull. I (Lorilyn Roberts) haven’t done a lot with Pinterest so I found this helpful.

Are you a member of Pinterest?

In order to use the tip I am about to give, you must first join Pinterest. I used this tip to promote Cheryl and Barbara's launch books this morning. Once you join Pinterest, you can do this, too. And maybe you would consider adding "Gatehaven" to your list.

.   I went to Amazon, wrote in the name of one of their books and clicked. 
.   On the book page, I scrolled down on the right side of the screen until I found a list of icons, including the F for Facebook. I clicked on the red P for Pinterest.
.   This click took me from Amazon and directly to Pinterest and my list of boards. 
.   I scrolled down and clicked on my board titled, [Books I Want to Read]
.   And clicked on the red P button again.
.   This click caused two things to happen..   A picture of the cover of the book from Amazon appeared on the main page at Pinterest for all to see.|
.  A picture of the cover of the book also appeared on my page at Facebook. Facebook and Pinterest are connected, and I think you can see how important it is to join Printerest as well as Facebook.
If anybody wants to join Pinterest, I would like to help get you started. I am not an expert but know a little.
.   The first thing you need to do after you join Pinterest is to form what they call a board and name it.
.   I named one of mine [Books I Want to Read.]
.   After I gave my board that name, I went on the main board to find the covers of books that sounded interesting.
.   When I found a cover I liked, I clicked at the top of the cover I liked and then clicked on the P for Pinterest icon.
.   When I did that, that cover appeared on my [Books I Want to Read] board.
And of course you can also get pictures of covers directly from Amazon like I did.

* * * * * *

Thanks, Molly, for the tip. If you are reading this, why not try this with Molly’s new release “Gatehaven.” The price will be going up after the official John 3:16 book launch, so get it for $2.99 while you can.

The link to her book on Amazon is:

If you would like to visit our launch page, you can get her book, as well as two other suspense books (see below) by John 3:16 authors at reduced prices, and enter into the Rafflecopter drawing for free books and a $100 cash price.

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