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Monday, July 1, 2013

13 Online Marketing Blogs You Really Should Consider


By Sabrina C Anderson

Online marketing doesn’t have to be an author’s worst nightmare when it comes to selling books. Over the last year and a half, I’ve been trolling the web trying to grapple with what it means to market myself, my book and my blog.  If you have a small budget like me, then you might understand how much hard work and persistence it can take.

Thankfully, there are many blogs, books, and experts willing to assist with applying some very basic strategies that produce great results depending on your goals.  Just like writing a book takes time, so does success with online marketing.  Whether your goal is to build a thriving business online, become a top blogger or simply establish an audience as an author, here are thirteen blogs worth checking out to help you get the results you dream of.

Online Marketing for Amateurs, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Firepole Marketing 


Conversion Optimization/Sales

Peter Sandeen


Blog Training/Business Coaching

Marie Forleo


HeartCore Women


Online Visibility

Denise Wakeman



The Savvy Solopreneur


Time Management/Blogging

Blogging with Amy


Introverts and Online Marketing
Writing Happiness


Generating Traffic, Making Money Online

Copy Blogger

Pro Blogger



Passive Panda


2 Create a Website



As you can see, each blog offers many tips and resources to navigating the world of online marketing. Though it may seem overwhelming, just assess your needs and stick to what works for you. If you have the budget to pay for coaching, go for it. If not, many of these blogs offer free resources that can help you achieve your goals.

Do you have a favorite go to blog for all of your online marketing needs? Share it in the comments below. Be blessed!



Sabrina is an author and blogger who loves online marketing and search engine optimization. You can visit her at, a blog that encourages women to live their best life in Christ. 


  1. What a pleasure to see Sabrina's beautiful face and read this great resource of information she's provided. I needed this. I am going to look at each of these sites this week. Indeed, marketing is so much more work than I ever realized. Thank you ladies for all you do to help us. Continued blessings...

  2. Hey Rose! Thanks for the lovely compliment. I hope you'll be able to put to use the list and find something that helps you. If anything, it could lead you to another site that ultimately has the solutions you need. Be blessed!