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Friday, July 13, 2012

I Loved This Book!! Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity, Review by Samantha Ryan Chandler

 The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity by Carol A. Brown
Review by Author Samantha Ryan Chandler

I began my read of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity by Carol A. Brown to learn a new concept of how God works in believers' lives.  What a shock to find out that Carol Brown was going to explain why I cry reading the newspaper or can’t shake off horrific news about a stranger. I am a God made and ordained Burden Bearer!

The book points out in our lack of knowledge; we live out only a portion of our “design capabilities” and God’s design for humankind is perfect.

I love this phrase from the book, “Without empathy you cannot sense the heart of God where Burden Bearing begins.” It is truly an honor to be a Burden Bearer, but one must learn how to give the burden to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is our guide.

Your God given neural hardware makes it possible to subconsciously receive spiritual, physical, and emotional information in order to pray or to comfort another. When we Burden Bear another’s emotions, we will need to build-in the reflex of turning to the Lord to ask why this feeling has overcome us and how to intercede as the Lord directs.

Without a doubt this book has amazing insight and I thank Carol Brown for writing in such a way that the reader hungers for the next page. She has a gift and is truly in tune with our Lord.

*  *  *

I am glad I read this review; it's a book I need to read. I am also a burden bearer. I have spent all my life having people laugh at me for being so sensitive about the pain and needs of others, including animals. And I have suffered immensely and never understood why me and not everyone else. Maybe it's a gift. As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that whatever it is, it's a link to God that I am glad to have. I want to read this book to see what I am supposed to do with this gift, because it's burdensome and overwhelming--too much for me to bear alone. But it's uniquely mine, as I know God makes us in His own image and the painful things in life He uses for His glory if we allow Him.

Thanks, Samantha, for introducing me to this book.
                                                 --Lorilyn Roberts, author

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  1. Thank you for this lovely review and post! Yes, learning how to discharge what you absorbed automatically, subconsciously is extreemly important for our health, spiritually, emotionally and physically. This also works with positive emotions. Having a joyfilled friend is a great help. You can absorb their joy the same way you absorb burdens! And then you don't need to get rid of the joy!