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Saturday, April 7, 2012

King on a Donkey

Easter Guest Post by John Miller
Photography by Lorilyn Roberts

His entrance into Jerusalem is personal, deliberate. There is no armed escort. There are no chariots, no jeweled robes, no marching soldiers, no shining shields, no flashing helmets, no glittering spears, and no heralding trumpets. Yet, Jesus of Nazareth enters Jerusalem as a king - a conquering king - sitting astride a donkey colt.  

As He crests the hill, Jesus stops to let the donkey rest a moment. He sees Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives just off to His right.  The city is now cosmopolitan and swollen with nearly 250,000 Jews gathered from far and wide, preparing for the annual Passover. 

Herod's temple rises above an enormous platform, its tower rising over eighty feet to proclaim dominance of the Jewish population. Its Roman influence in design, as endorsed by Herod, is detestable to many city Jews. Yet, the Jewish homes and palaces that dot the hillsides are also designed with a Roman influence. These are the abodes of the rich priests, merchants and their families living alongside the Romans, while lesser Jews live in crowded neighborhoods of simple homes and work the small shops that line the streets.  

Their collective lifestyle has become much like their alien oppressors, while their ancient culture holds remnants of sacred rituals born in the Tent of Meeting during the Exodus. Most Jewish hearts of this city are dark with hatred of the rebel Jesus, who is about to ride into the city with the swarm of followers. The Temple leaders have been informed of the unwelcome throng of rebel flesh by Temple spies who ran ahead of the King’s procession. Jesus knows all this and His heart is deeply saddened.

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  1. Great introduction to Holy Week John. Love the details and creative imagery you used. Heading over to your Blog now to continue the story... :)

    Have a blessed Easter Sunday!

    Come by and visit my Easter post as well at: Compliant Colt and Screaming Stones - Who Is This Jesus?

  2. Deborah, thanks for your kind words. I read your "Complaint Colt and Screaming Stones - Who is this Jesus." Very nice, and a different slant on Jesus's entry into Jerusalem. Am just getting aboard this site and new....very new at blogging and writing. I hope to stay in touch with you.

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