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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Feature on Amazon: KDP Select for KDP Authors & Publishers

 This information is included in the latest version of the book, How to Launch a Christian Best-Seller.

Any Kindle books you have published on Amazon can be entered into the KDP Select Program. It’s the exclusivity that makes this a unique Amazon feature. You must remove your ebook from other distributors, like Smashwords and Barnes & Noble (even your own website or blog) for at least ninety days.

The KDP Select titles are allowed to be advertised for free for five days every ninety days. If you have U.S. rights, your Kindle book will be entered into the Kindle Owners Lending Library. Each time your ebook is loaned to another qualified member of the program, you can earn a certain percentage back, based on a complicated set of algorithms that I don’t understand. I didn’t give it much thought until one of our members shared recently on the forum that he had made a couple of hundred dollars the previous month based on the number of times his book had been loaned out by members.  

Some authors in the Network have “sold” thousands of Kindle books for free during the time their ebooks have been free in the KDP Select Program. While they didn’t receive royalties, their Kindle books were widely distributed, and many ranked in the top one hundred “free” Amazon ebooks. When Amazon returned their ebooks to the “paid” category, briefly they maintained their best-seller ranking, becoming a best-seller of sorts by default. In many instances, the increased sales of ebooks carried over into print books or other books they had published. To learn more about KDP Select, visit:

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  1. This article was written several months ago by me -- KDP Select is not as useful currently as it once was. Free books no longer carry over into rankings for paid books. I don't recommend doing the KDP Select for more than three months, when a book is first released now.